Ken Goodrich Is A Community Man through is business with Goettl

A lot of times when people run a business, they forget that they are part of something that is greater and bigger than themselves. They get so caught up in themselves and what they are doing that they miss the big picture. The big picture is the community they are working in and the type of work they are doing. Ken Goodrich is in charge of Goettl Air Conditioning and in the areas his company works in: Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, it can get awfully hot. At times, it can be unseasonably warm. This can be tough on a number of people and it can make it hard for them to sleep in this heat.

That is why he makes sure he has staffed a group of individuals that are as committed to the job as he is. They are either with him or they are not on board. Everyone that is on board with Goettl Air Conditioning gives it their all and treats the customers in the community with respect. After all, they are the lifeblood of the company and without them, there is no company to run and there is no Goettl Air Conditioning. That is why it is so important to give back and help out those in need.

Ken Goodrich understands this better than anyone out there, which is why he has done so much good for others. A few months back, he helped a veteran go back go to school. He made sure the veteran had everything he needed to be happy and live a worry-free life and just focus on school. He knows the sacrifices they have made so people like him and others can have their freedom. It is not something he takes for granted, that is for sure.

Many people might not know that Ken Goodrich also runs The Sunny Plumber and his son, Duncan, 16, is on a football team. Some of his football teammates, Goettl Air Conditioning, and the Sunny Plumber recently helped out a man in his 70’s that was suffering very baldy due to the heat and living on a fixed income. Things had gotten so bad for him that he had to deal with 127 degree temperatures inside his own house. However, he could not afford the repairs, which would have cost eight thousand dollars. Everyone pitched in, did their job, and now the man is happy in his home.

Wengie Offers Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work!

Most people want to lose weight at various times in life. However, extreme dieting rarely works for people who want to maintain their weight loss goals. One way to maintain any weight loss you’ve achieved is to make lifestyle changes that allow you to make smarter decisions about what you eat for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you’ll gain all the weight you lost back again after you stop your diet.


Wengie is a Youtube beauty vlogger that always shares great lifestyle and beauty tips with her viewers. She posted an awesome video entitled, “30 Lazy Hacks for Weight Loss,” that by October 2016 had 1,700,372 views. In addition, by October 2016, Wengie’s channel had a record 3 million subscribers. To celebrate, Wengie gave away 3 MacBook Air computers to 3 of her lucky subscribers.


In addition to sharing awesome tips for viewers, Wengie also invites viewers to become, “a part of the family,” instead of asking them outright to, “Subscribe to her channel.” This is a memorable and classy way to gain audience attention and likely goes a long way towards increasing her viewership.


The interesting thing about the list of 30 hacks Wengie shared is that many of them could easily fall under the category of lifestyle choices. In fact, just choosing 5 or more of these hacks to do on a regular basis could easily help anyone lose at least a pound every week and keep it off. Some of her hacks included:


  • Drinking 3 tablespoons of lemon juice every day, (diluted and flavored of course with things like water, mint, sweeteners and cucumber slices). – According to Wengie, doing this every day will reduce fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. This in turn reduces the sugar spikes that lead to weight gain.
  • Drinking 2 cups of cold water right before eating on empty stomach – This burns calories!
  • Eat off of a smaller plate – This psychologically tricks the body into thinking you’ve eaten more. In fact, Wengie admitted that in Asia, they regularly eat out of smaller dishes. She was unknowingly doing this hack every day.
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily – This reduces stress. Stress causes weight gain and a whole host of other health problems.

Ingenuity and Purpose Prides themselves On Being Reliable and Efficient

IAP Worldwide, also known as Ingenuity and Purpose, is a strong company focused on logistics and facility management. Today, they operate all over the globe, offering there services with a high level of reliability and professionalism. The company started out small and focused primarily on logistics, but over time they have expanded their business locations and their services to help more people. They also have a large number of governments contracts, including the United States government and US Army. These contracts are major for the company as they are high value and provide hundreds of millions of revenue annually on The company even has sectors abroad to manage their business for private business divisions in other regions.

The company has a long history and has gone through a number of restructuring and renaming over a period of more than 60 years. Since their early days, they have provided support to a number of different important projects, including the launching of early spacecraft on The company has also participated in a few thousand spacecraft launches in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Because of their strong foundation and starting years, the company has managed to earn a big reputation.

Originally, IAP Worldwide started out only working on logistics issues and at most providing mission support out of South Carolina. The support they gave to the United States was supplying generators to their military stationed over in the Middle East, and over the years they have provided a great number of goods and services to supply the military. Today, and in the future, IAP Worldwide will continue to be a number 1 supporter for the United States Armed Forces.

IAP Worldwide shares their services with anyone, pretty much anywhere, including the public and private business sectors. Along with their leading logistics solutions, they continue to expand on their other services, which includes aircraft repair, engineering, transportation, and more. They’ve acquired several companies over the years, such as Tactical Communications and Network solutions on, which has helped them expand greatly. With a staff of more than 1,600 today, IAP is capable of doing business all around the world reliably.

Brown Modeling agency

The major modeling agency Wilhelmina Brown has recently become part of the Austin fashion scene. News 8 Austin reports on this. The modeling agency is looking for fresh faces to model in Austin,Texas. Roman Young, a designer for the Brown Agency, says there were many different styles included in the recent fashion show. These styles included Collegiate, Sports Flare, and Music Scene.
The designer of these clothes, Linda Asaf had just two weeks to design an entire fashion show. The collection, called “Summer Frost”, focuses on colors such as whites, silvers and neutrals. The clothing is designed to transition from spring to summer, and includes piece like spring dresses in summer colors. Asaf says her favorite piece is the finale piece, an evening gown that is made of grade couture lace. She says that everyone in the crowd was going crazy about this piece as well.

Wilhelmina Brown Modeling agency is based out of Austin, Texas. The agency was established by Justin Brown in 2015, and quickly turned into an industry. Since the agency’s opening, it has hired over 450 models. Models from tis agency have been featured in commercials for Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, and thousands more. The runways are walked by models at events like Austin fashion week, New York fashion week, Miami swim week, and numerous others. Models in this agency are watched by Brown and his staff, all there to make sure the models look just right on the runway.
Justin Brown was originally from Reno, Nevada, where he was a quiet kid who followed the rules. He moved to Southern California for college. It was there that he got his first modeling job, modeling the jeans for Lucky Brand. After doing well with many modeling jobs, Brown started working in “development and placement” training other models. After this job, he went on to work for several different modeling agencies in California and New York. It was because of these jobs that Brown was able to start his own business, and move h is career to bigger things.In 2015, his agency was purchased by Wilhelmina, thus becoming “Wilhelmina Brown”

Wen By Chaz Is A Great Product

People care very much how their hair looks on a daily basis. They will do all kinds of things to it for business and for personal outings. It makes a difference to them how their hair looks. So much, that for some people, if there hair doesn’t look good, they lose the self confidence they so much need in order to do their best out there in their world. For those that are suffering from not finding the best hair products, it is time for them to try Wen hair by Chaz.
Wen hair was created by Chaz Dean for one reason only. It is a shampoo and conditioner in one, and that makes it easier for a person to take care of the hair with just one product. Since they can see a definite improvement when they follow the directions given with the product, they can see definite results in a short period of time.

One such person that saw direct results was a writer for She wrote about her experience and success with Wen by Chaz. The product made her hair look fantastic, as is shown in the pictures that she took on a regular basis. She also wrote about her experience with the product, and is pleased that she used it.

Wen by Chaz is a great product that many people are starting to use. If you are having difficulty with your hair, it is time to switch to Wen by Chaz and start seeing the improvements that you so desperately want to. It is a product that pays for itself in the long run. Check out their product on QVC.

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Home Ownership In Southern Dallas Expands

Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Habitat For Humanity are working together to increase home ownership in the southern Dallas region. With the help of Nexbank the two organizations have produced the Affordable Housing Loan Program. With the goal of providing 100 loans a year, the Affordable Housing Loan Program will use $50 million in funding it receives from Nexbank. The collaboration was formed in response to the low homeownership rates found in the North Texas region. Combatting this issue is the primary focus of Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity.

The company financing the program, Nexbank, provides financial services through 3 core forms of banking. It offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking for its clients. Nexbank has been offering these services since 1922 with expertise and professionalism. Nexbank aims to offer its customers an unusually high level of financial service and matches its services to their needs. Customers who need help getting a mortgage for their house will get assistance in obtaining mortgage suited to their needs. If a client is looking to diversify investment portfolios Nexbank will customize its service to that particular customer. This level of client service distinguishes Nexbank from other financial service firms.

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Investment Banking is Easier with Martin Lustgarten

Everyone who invests with Martin Lustgarten has to be sure that they have taken the time to figure out how they will care for their investments, and they can talk with Martin Lustgarten about what he thinks would work for them. He knows that it makes more sense for someone to invest their money in a way that was customized for them, and his investment plans work in several different parts of the world. There are many people who want to keep their money in the stock market, but there are really interesting commodities markets that people might be more interested in.

The interest that people have in international markets is something that Martin Lustgarten understands, and he also knows that it is easier for people to invest in things they are interested in. They will get more invested in what they are doing because they truly like what they are spending their money on, and Martin Lustgarten is so well traveled that he will be able to share a lot of information with each client about how they will save money.

Saving money is very easy when people invest with Martin Lustgarten, and they can use his services as if he was a savings bank. The savings accounts that people are using to make money are often hard to deal with because they are tied to a large bank that does not offer good customer service. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to save more money now that they are investing with a professional, and that is why Martin Lustgarten is the best person to deal with. He knows about commodities, and he knows what can be done to change the lives of his clients. One investment with Martin Lustgarten can make an entire portfolio.

Goettl Reliable Air Conditioning Services

Nothing is much better than relaxing in a cool home during a warm summer or finding comfort in a heated home during winter. Goettl offers a full gamut of both commercial and home comfort services that include installation of various air conditioning machinery such as central air units, furnaces, heat pumps, etc. Listed below are some of the services Goettl provides.

Air Conditioning

Goettl provides high quality and efficient air conditioning installation, replacements, and repair to keep your home or office space well cooled during hot summers. Additionally, Goettl offers maintenance for heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and central air units.


When your heating system is not sufficient anymore, Goettl offers professional heating services ranging from regular tune-ups and minor repairs to major systems installations. Goettl has sufficient workforce regardless of the job size to ensure your office space, and your home are properly heated during the cold seasons.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality involves cleaning up of pollutants and contaminants that may cause sneezing and general health detriment. Goettl offers duct cleaning services as well as quality air cleaners to eliminate pollutants and contaminants to achieve clean disinfected air. Additionally, Goettl offers installations of humidifiers that protect wooden furniture, walls and floors against long-term effects of dry air.

Energy Efficiency

Energy is lost by leakage of cooled and heated air through faulty air ducts. Energy saving and conservation is a priority to Goettl where they manage and offer duct testing services to determine whether your air ducts are damaged. Goettl offers duct sealing and duct cleaning services to ensure your heating and cooling services are operating at optimal energy levels.

Commercial HVAC

Goettl offers vast experience and wealth in expertise in installation, repairs, and maintenance of commercial HVAC systems. The company is readily available and offers solutions to HVAC issues affecting your business operations as well as providing different ways to improving efficiency and indoor air quality.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1940 and specializes in the provision of quality air conditioning and heating services. Goettl Air Conditioning provides quality indoor air services as well as HVAC services. Goettl also specializes in providing services such as installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services for air conditioning.

Goettl provides both cooling and heating services for homes and offices alike. They take great pride in providing highly-qualified technicians and staff to offer air conditioning services in and around the Phoenix area. Goettle provides 24/7 response and maintains excellent customer service that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Livio Bisterzo Is Changing The World One CRUNCH At A Time

livio bisterzo

The world is full of food. Companies make a lot of money getting you to buy food that you don’t necessarily need. And you know what? Biology is on their side. We are animals hardwired to find sweets, salt and fat, and to eat as much of it as possible. Our brains know we are in civilization, but our bodies still think we are hunting and gathering. So your body screams at you to consume that tasty treat right when you see it.

Corporations are built on these uncontrollable cravings — Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Doritos. And since they have an inexhaustible demand from your primal cravings, they can make their foods with the cheapest ingredients. They can pack their food products with fillers that aren’t even food so long as the general public keeps craving sweets, salt and fats. And it will never end.

But there is one company fighting back. Green Park Holdings CEO Livio Bisterzo has launched his company’s first product — Hippeas. Hippies will satisfy that primal craving deep inside you, but it will do it in a healthy way using sustainable ingredients while using profits to benefit the less fortunate. Hippeas isn’t just trying to beat the bad-for-you snack makers of the world, they are trying to change the world. Here’s how:

All-Inclusive Snacks That Are Good For Everyone

Hippeas uses the chickpea, an ingredient high in protein and fiber. The protein gives you energy while the fiber helps your body absorb the energy slowly. It’s not the high followed by a crash that you are used to. The chickpea is also all-inclusive, being non-GMO, organic, vegan, gluten free and non-MSG. The chickpea plant also helps the planet by returning the key nutrient nitrogen to the soil as it grows, helping to feed mother earth as well. And while they are at it, Hippeas supports Farm Africa, helping chickpea farmers halfway across the world.

Driven By Vision

CEO Livio Bisterzo leads the charge from his home in Los Angeles. The man has already taken two other companies to worldwide success and acclaim, but with Green Park Holdings, he is setting his sights on changing the world. By using quality ingredients that benefit the planet while taking care of his farmers, Livio Bisterzo is changing the paradigm in the snacking industry. His brilliant marketing to young people is sure to make Hippeas the business model of the future.

Can Wen By Chaz Make Hair Grow Thicker?

Everyone who wants to make their hair grow thicker so that their scalp is not as exposed needs to make sure that they are going to be able to use a better shampoo. Web by Chaz has been shown to be brilliant on, but they went all the way by making sure that one of their writers actually used the shampoo. The Amazon sold shampoo was used in a normal way in the article, and it would explain that using the shampoo helps people grow their hair.

There are many people who are going to be able to use the shampoo because they want to make sure that they have taken chances to make their hair cleaner and healthier. It works really well in the shower because it is something that people can use and rinse off really easily. It is also going to help people when they are not sure what they should do to keep their hair growing thicker. They need to keep using it because they will have more hair to work with as it will grow up from the scalp a lot more easily.

The reviewer who did Wen by Chaz in the shower wanted to make sure that she could make her hair look better, and she was actually the right person because her hair was thin and stringy. It changed a lot in just one shower, and it will get better every time she uses it. A woman with thin hair needs to get her hair to start growing thicker, and that is why it is important for her to use the shampoo every day.

Washing with Wen by Chaz every day works. It creates thicker hair and stops shedding. It could be the only thing a woman needs to make her hair look great. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more details on this amazing brand.

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