The California Drought’s Affect on Ski Resorts

KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand met with Andrew Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, to talk about how the California drought is affecting ski resorts.

Madeleine began by asking “How was your Winter?”

Mr. Wirth acknowledged that this was a tough year. The resorts did not see the weather ideal for providing skiers with the snow necessary for the perfect Winter. There was a lot less snow. Both visitors and profits were down as a result. Nonetheless, Wirth said he was able to keep most of the resort open for skiing, which can still provide people with good skiing and a good time. “Our results in December and January were quite favorable even though we were operating with substantially below average snow.”

When asked how long he thought the resorts could stay open with this weather, Writh said “We could survive an infinite number of Winters.” He pointed to the ability to create artificial snow, as well as advances in snow management, to help the snow last longer. Further, Wirth believes the El Nino starting this year means this Winter is “more likely to be a cold Winter.” He also points to what he calls “an increased volatility of weather.” With this, he says he can produce a business model to thrive through this.

But as the weather ultimately remains uncertain, Wirth is also looking to book the resort during warm weather months. Resorts attract business meetings, weddings, and other events outside of skiing due to their scenic locations. Wirth looks to these sort of bookings to help sustain the business in case the Winter season does continue to shorten.

Furthermore, Wirth is invested in protecting and managing the health of the 6,000 acres of land his resorts hold. He sees how they manage their natural environment as a part of the legacy of the business. He is even working with power companies to move the energy for the resorts entirely to renewable sources. Wirth hopes not only to survive changing weather patterns, but also to do his part of prevent more volatility or even to reverse what damage has already been done.

Andrew Wirth received a bachelor’s of science degree from Colorado State University, and furthered studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He has over 24 years of sales and marketing experience with ski resorts between Colorado and California. Currently, Mr. Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer and President of both Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. as well as Squaw Valley Ski Corporation. He is also Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. He serves as the President of Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Board of Directors.

My Imaginative Dog Loves Eating Beneful

I have such a cute dog that’s very imaginative, and I’ll tell you why. I just got a dog a couple months ago, before that I had a dog statue that stood out in front of my home. I didn’t get the statue as a replacement for any dog, I just admire dogs, and I wanted a dog statue in my house. After I had received my dog a couple months ago, we were walking up the steps for the first time, and he stopped and started barking at the dog. Granted, the dog statue looks realistic, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The dog wouldn’t stop barking at the statue until I finally had to bring him inside. He still went to the window and looked out there as if he wanted to know why the dog wouldn’t follow him inside. The same incident happened again the next day, and several days passed with him continuously running to the window and barking at the dog stature. I finally had to put curtains over the windows that allowed my pet to see the dog statue because his barking was getting out of control. I did think it was adorable that he really thought the dog was real.

My friend came over with her daughter one day, and her daughter had a cute little mechanical dog that would walk around and bark. Here was another incident again because my dog took it like it was another dog. My dog would race around the mechanical dog, and when the mechanical dog did back flips, my dog tried his darndest to copy him. I had to make the little girl take the mechanical dog away because I knew it was going to cause problems. As soon as I picked up the mechanical dog, my dog started barking in anger.

I took this to mean that he needed a friend, so I plan on getting him a dog to play with in the future. Since my dog is now a part of the family, I make sure to go out of my way to treat him like he was my child. I feed him anything he wants, but I stick to feeding him Beneful. It was the same day that I took the dog home when I got advice from a guy at the pet store to buy Beneful brand foods, and I’ve never turned away from it.

I feel that Beneful is what’s best for my dog, and he’s never complained about eating the food. Any time he’s ready to eat, I put a bowl filled with Beneful in front of him, and he’ll eat until every drop is gone. I’ve even picked up some Beneful treats to give to him, and he loves them. The treats are useful when I want to get them inside, especially after we come home from a walk, and he’s barking at the dog statue out front. I love my dog and his crazy imagination, but as long as I have him, I’ll feed him Beneful.

Beneful for results

Dogs truly love their owners especially Beneful on wikipedia, but it takes more than love to care for such complex animals. I am not into toy breeds or any breeds besides the working breeds. I associate these dogs with the sporting breeds, but they are different within classifications for most official kennel organizations.

However, my dogs work and hunt, and this is a sport for them. If they were simply turned loose today, they would hunt and eat hogs because that is what they naturally hunt now. The only difference is that I utilize my dogs to locate and to sometimes chase, but I do not kill hogs on the hunts or allow my dogs to physically engage them. Feral hogs are a big problem in many places in my area, but their numbers are too large to get rid of them completely. I prefer to manage my hog herd like I do for my deer and all other animals on my property.

The only time that I have my dogs catch a pig is when that animal is sick or crippled. I will take them in and assess their health. If the problems are not too grave, I will let them bed in the pen for a while as I fed them back to condition, and I then release them back with an attached ear tag. When the hogs are healthy, and they fear that the dogs are in the sensitive areas, they will avoid those areas, and this eliminates the problem much better than those aggressive methods. However, it is dangerous work, and I have to look out for my dogs because they are very expensive both in time and money to replace, and also because they are my pets. They each have their own personalities, and positives and negatives.

They can corral the largest hogs, but they also softly hold baby chicks with their paws when I need to round the virtually wild chicks up. They are the perfect companion plus work dogs. However, they do consume large amounts of food. They are large dogs, but large inactive dogs are not that much more to care for than any dog, but my dogs expend large amounts of energy. For dogs, energy translates directly into caloric intake. For me, it is not an issue of expense. It is about giving my dogs the appropriate energy and also having them complete nutritionally.

By doing this, I can make sure that they have the energy to keep themselves safe. Dogs are very resilient, but they are not wolves. All dogs need the appropriate nutrition, and this nutrition must be delivered in a responsible method, so I am sure not to over-feed them, but I make sure that they are by no means hungry. I achieve this formidable task with Beneful. The great thing about Beneful is that it delivers. I do not have to worry about the ill effects of bad nutrition that only manifests itself when it is too late sometimes.

Give Your Pet the Best!

Beneful, one of the many dog food brands out there. What makes this special food so beneficial to dogs? Maybe it is the real ingredients, or the wholesome taste. Whatever it is, Beneful has excelled in the dog food industry. They have achieved 5 stars at Petco with all 20 of their flavors; or at least all the ones Petco sells. They are not limiting themselves to dry or wet food either; they have added dog treats to their list.

Beneful is one of many pet foods out there, and is one of the best. Food is a necessity for our four legged family members, and feeding them a food that has a balanced diet, and is also healthy for them, is a no brainer. In addition to food, playing with your pet is wonderful way to keep them happy and enjoy the out doors (or indoors if you prefer a cat.) With many of the top name brands, like Beneful and Blue Buffalo, you are showing your love and appreciation to your pets. Cleanings are wonderful to make sure that they have not picked up anything harmful in their time outdoors.

Clean water is a good way to keep your pet healthy. Much like a healthy diet, it helps to purify the toxins from grass eating, licking, or other habits that your pet does. Visits to the vet also help with the health and longevity of your pet. They are able to tell you if something is wrong, or even heal your pet. So making sure that your pet has the best food available, clean water, checkups, cleaning and baths are the way to make your pet live longer than they would otherwise.

This may seem like a lot of work, but as long as you feed them healthy food, and take them in for their checkups, you should have no difficulty giving your dog the long life that they deserve. They are our four legged children, and by giving them the best that Beneful has to offer, they will be thankful. They are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such. Give them the best that money can buy, and watch their face light up with appreciation.

Spinal Surgery Can Be The Way To Heal Problematic Back Pain

Centers that perform spinal surgery will see a lot of people that have had car accidents because these types of injuries can become severe enough to require surgery. People who have had car accidents can be in excruciating pain, and the pain it may become chronic. Chronic pain is known as pain that will persist for at least six months or more, and a lot of people have this type of pain. Even though pain can be chronic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it warrants surgery. The only time that chronic pain requires surgery is when it becomes difficult for the person to continue with their daily tasks.

Spinal surgery centers are there for people who need to have surgery on the back, the neck, or the spine. These surgeries are necessary in order for the person to live normally again, so it’s unlikely to be an optional surgery. Usually, if spinal surgery is suggested to a patient, then it’s something that’s necessary. Spinal surgery centers have changed a lot over the years, and surgery is not the way it used to be. In the past, it was common for spinal surgeries to require a large incision into the back area.

The problem with large incisions is the fact that they take a while to heal, and a person could be out for months healing from spinal surgery. It also may have been necessary to go in for several surgeries before the person would be well enough to feel normal again. Now there are minimally invasive surgeries available through spinal surgery centers, and these require only a small incision. The incision size is about one inch, and through the incision an AccuraScope is inserted, and it can help the surgeon determine what the cause of the pain is.

Yelp writes that once the source of the pain is determined, it can be corrected during the surgery, and it’s possible for the person to no longer have any more pain. One such spinal surgery center is North American Spine, who have their bases in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine has been around for over six years, and thousands of patients have been helped with the different procedures that they perform on the neck, back, and spine. North American Spine has also introduced the CuraSpine procedure to their facilities, which is specifically designed to help those with spine pain.

Since a person has to go through a diagnosis to determine what pain they’re having, it may be best for them to see a consultant at North American Spine, who can determine if their pain warrants surgery. If it’s determined that surgery is the next best step, then the surgery can be performed at a North American Spine facility. There are several facilities available for those who need surgery, and all the facilities are top notch as well as having some of the best surgeons around. A person no longer needs to live in pain if they get the surgery needed to heal their pain.

How Makeup is Applied Changes an Individual’s Look

The way that makeup is applied to an individual can help to change the way that that individual looks and is perceived. There are some individuals who choose to change up their makeup routine on a regular basis and keep the rest of the world guessing as to just how they are going to look on any given day, and there are others who like to keep their makeup routine the same, even as times change. The way that a person looks is linked to the way that they apply their makeup, and each individual gets to choose just how they want the makeup that they wear to affect their looks.

When someone is looking to make their eyes appear larger than they really are they can use makeup to help that happen. When someone is looking to have their lips appear bolder than they would naturally appear they can use a bold lipstick to make that happen. There are many ways that makeup can affect the way that one looks, and each individual can choose the way that they would like makeup to change up their personal looks. There are some who choose a simple makeup routine that allows them to stay true to themselves, while others choose a makeup routine that is wild and bold.

The makeup that one puts on can help to show off the personality of the individual who is wearing it. There are some who will choose bold makeup just for this reason. The way that an individual puts on their makeup can change up the way that they look, and it can help them to express themselves. Makeup can be used to help a personality to shine through. Makeup can be used to make a fashion statement. Makeup can be used to show off all that a person is and all that they would like others to see.

Doe Deere is someone who helped to put together a makeup company that allows individuals to be themselves. The makeup company that Doe Deere founded offers the kind of makeup that individuals need when they are trying to stand out. Those that are looking to use makeup to show off their personality will find that Lime Crime – the brand that Doe Deere founded – offers the kind of makeup that will help with that. Doe Deere knows the makeup world, and she encourages individuals to use makeup to show off just who they are.

An Overview of Investment Banking

Investment banks are financial institutions that help governments and corporations raise financial capital. A few of their responsibilities include issuing and purchasing securities, giving financial advice, and managing financial assets. Their primary duties consist of raising capital, security underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial and retail banking.

Underwriting Security and Raising Capital

An investment bank underwrites securities and acts as a mediator between companies and the buying public. For instance, a company would hire an investment bank if it wished to issue new bonds to pay for a project. Investment banks use a process called a roadshow, which is when a price is negotiated for the new issue of securities and then promoted to potential investors.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Also known as M&A, mergers and acquisitions are an essential source of income for investment banks. Two areas of M&A work are buyouts and takeover defense. It is a business that suffered detrimental effects during the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, it has recovered and fallen over the years but still manages to be a critical focus for investment banks. The fee margin for M&A is exceptionally higher than most underwriting fees, so investment bankers normally have high compensation.

Commercial and Retail Banking

Many investment banks offer commercial lending and retail brokerage, a process that was not allowed in the past. In 1932, the Glass-Steagall Act forced commercial and investment banks to limit their activities; commercial banks could lend money and manage accounts, but investment banks could only underwrite securities and provide brokerage services. This act was repealed in late 1999 and deregulated the financial service industry, which allowed commercial banks and investment banks to provide one another’s services. This deregulation had a major impact in the financial services industry, but some bank founders, like James Dondero, have been able to salvage their company.

James Dondero is the Chairman of CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare. His most prominent position is the President and Cofounder of Highland Capital Management. Founded in 1933, Highland Capital has helped in the development of the CLO market and assists in creating credit oriented solutions for retail investors around the globe. Dondero executes the firm’s operations and strategic investments. In addition to over 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets, Dondero is also a philanthropist; he actively supports developments in public policy, education and veteran affairs. He is an example of a successful owner in an otherwise uncertain industry.

Currently, the financial services industry has an uncertain future. The financial crisis of 2008 hindered the industry, and many banks are still recovering from it. However, it is an ideal choice for people that want a career with professional development opportunities.

Dog Food and the Health of a Dog

A dog deserves to receive the kind of food that is going to be good for its health, and the dog owner needs to make sure that is what their dog receives every time that the dog is fed. A dog deserves to be treated in a way that is going to keep it healthy and strong, and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure that is the way that the dog is always treated. The pet owner needs to look out for the health of their dog, and that means that they need to be giving that dog the best kinds of food.

Beneful is a dog food brand, and it is one that offers the pet owner the kind of food that they need. Those who have a dog in their life need to be able to provide that dog with food that will be beneficial to that dog. Those that are looking to do that can do it through the help that the Beneful brand offers. The food that a dog is given needs to be nourishing. The food that a dog is fed needs to be helpful to the dog. Beneful offers the food options that concerned pet owners seek.

When a dog is fed food that is healthy, that dog has the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. It is the goal of every pet owner to look out for the health and wellness of their dog, so each pet owner wants to find dog food that is going to help them keep their dog healthy and strong. It is important that dog owners are able to help their dog by providing the animal with the kind of food that is going to keep him or her at their best. The kind of food that goes into a dog will affect the way that the dog feels and the life that the dog is able to live. The pet owner who feeds his dog well will find that that dog lives a life that is happy, long, and very healthy.

Dr. Amen is Helping People with Their Brain Health

Today, millions of people are plagued by psychological diseases, including depression and ADHD. For years, doctors have theorized as to what would help to improve the lives of those suffering with these diseases. There have been many hypotheses as to what might be impacting these people, but Dr. Daniel G. Amen has come up with a hypothesis that he feels will finally explain what is going on with these people.

Psychiatrist is one of the most famous names in medicine. Over the last decade he has cultivated relationships with some of the biggest celebrities in the business. These names have included the likes of Rick Warren. While Dr. Daniel has built up a friendship with several famous people, he is not just a celebrity doctor. Dr. Amen has built a great reputation in the medical community and his research is considered to be some of the highest quality research in the community today.

Recently, Dr. Amen realized that there was a major connection between diet and mental health. While doctors have long realized the impact between diet and the health of your body, but they have only recently recognized the connection between diet and mental health. Dr. Amen recently announced that he feels that diet has a major impact on psychological disease.

After processing through a great bit data, Dr. Amen has discovered that several important pieces of day to day diet make a big difference on how your brain fits mental illness. He recommends several important dietary changes that could have a long term impact on the health of your mind.

One of the most important tips that he has issued is that people need to eat healthy grains. These are critical for the health of your mind. Another critical tip is to focus on eating healthy vegetables in order to get the vitamins and nutrients that your mind needs. Amen recommends a wide variety of different fruits, but the most important types of fruit include Apples, Bananas, and Oranges.

Protein is critical to any brain, but the kind of protein matters just as much. Amen recommends that people need to get proteins for healthy fish as well as eggs. By changing up one’s diet, you should be able to keep yourself healthy.

Taking care of your brain is extremely important to your future. While many people have had theories about what to do for your brain, Amen seems to really be on to something. Click here if you’re interested in reading some of his outstanding reviews.

Expert Neurologist Dr. Amen Provides Nutrition and Scans for Brain Patients

Most people do not follow a nutritious or healthy diet for many reasons, but Daniel Amen knows the value of a healthy diet. He has been a practicing neurologist and best-selling author for 20 years and has developed strong evidence that making a healthy diet foremost will produce optimum results in the brain and body. His first book was called Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and was published in 1999. From this first public work, he scientifically proved that the junk food is toxic and the effects of a healthy diet produce excellent results.

Daniel Gregory Amen was born in 1954 in Encino, CA. and is of Lebanese decent. After completing his undergraduate education, he attended Oral Robers University and received his doctorate in psychiatry in 1982. He excelled beyond the requirements of his doctorate and finished 200 hours to become licensed in radioactive materials and 1,000 hours of clinical supervision in reading scans. Dr. Amen is double-board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

With this impressive background, Dr. Amen chose to focus his practice on neurology and currently works with National Football players to diagnose concussions and sports brain injuries. In his clinic, Dr. Amen practices using a controversial, but highly effective brain scan for diagnosis and treatment. It is classified as a single-photon emission computed tomography or SPECT, which scans the individual’s brain activity and compares the results to a known healthy brain.

The results of these scans reveal the intricacies of psychological disorders, specific traumatic sports injuries and other brain malfunctions. Dr. Amen has scanned over 50,000 patients as of 2009. This high-tech scan provides Dr. Amen with extensive information on the brain and is especially useful in traumatic accidents.

All foods affect the body, and the brain is the most important part of the body, so Dr, Amen has devoted his practice to scientifically evaluating which foods are the most beneficial to the functioning of the brain and, consequently, the functioning of the body.

Each of the books that Dr. Allen has written have been on the NY Times best-seller list because people realized that they could change the way their brain functions if they ate nutritionally. In 2013, Dr. Amen joined with Pastor Rich Warren, Mark Hyman and Dr. Oz formulated the Daniel Plan to help people eat better.

Live Fast