Promising Alternatives for Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis is a condition in which uterus tissue (endometrium) grows outside the pelvic cavity. This results in nodules or lesions growing on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or other organs. Even though more than 176 million females worldwide and 10% of the female population in the US suffer from endometriosis, the exact cause of the condition is still unknown. Laparoscopic surgery is currently the most common procedure used to diagnose and remove the endometrium. In addition to this, hormone therapies such as hormonal contraceptives, Gn-RH agonists and antagonists and the injectable drug Medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera) are used. Luckily, there are alternative surgery techniques and drugs being developed to combat this condition.

One of the doctors leading the way is Dr. Tamer Seckin, a New York based doctor. Dr. Seckin is ranked among the top surgeons and gynecologists in America and was voted “Super Doctor” in 2012 in the New York Times Magazine. Dr. Seckin is revolutionizing endometriosis treatment and surgery through his pioneering Advanced Laparoendoscopic Surgery. This minimally invasive laparoscopic endometriosis surgery uses Aqua Blue Contrast Technique (ABCT) to increase the surgeon’s accurate perception of non-pigmented white lesions, also known as “subtle” lesions, which are difficult to recognize due to unrestricted light spectrum/reflection and gas pressure which is used in standard laparoscopic surgery.

In other words, ABCT allows surgeons to identify legions that are otherwise invisible with regular laparoscopic direct light through eliminating light reflection. Aqua Blue Contrast Technique (ABCT) is revolutionizing endometriosis surgery through increasing the surgeon’s ability to recognize distinct morphological features, identify normal peritoneum (the membrane lining of the abdominal cavity) and better target the lesion. This results in decreased removal of normal peritoneum and increased excision surgery results.

Better drugs are also on the horizons for female’s suffering from endometriosis. Benita Katzenellenbogen and her colleagues at the University of Illinois have developed two new drugs that target the endometrial tissue receptors. These two new drugs, called chloroindazole and oxabicycloheptene sulfonate, reduced the size of endometrial lesions and stopped the growth of new legions in both mice and human tissue taken from patients cysts. This is especially positive news because these two drugs do not have side effects on healthy endometrial tissue.

In addition to this, Michael Beste, a postdoc at in MIT’s Department of Biological Engineering, has led a research team that recently published positive findings on effective drug research and treatment. The research team analyzed peritoneal fluid in women who had endometriosis. They found a pattern among the 50 proteins they measured. First, they found a correlation between cytokines, inflammatory compounds that regulate the body’s response to infection, and specific ovarian legions. Second, they found a correlation between another compound called c-Jun, which also drives inflammation. Currently there are clinical trials to see if a new drug can inhibit the c-Jun compound and help fight endometriosis.

Overall, there are positive developments being made in surgery techniques and drug research and development to cure endometriosis.

BRL Trust Investments

BRL Trust investments is a company based in Brazil that provides private loan services. This company was founded in 2005 when it began by issuing out trust services in private loan. Due to their perfect services to their clients, the company’s performance raised to a greater height with more than 100 loans after a period of one year. Their customers’ demands and trust on their services triggered their expansion and diversity. This resulted into creation of new businesses such as administration and management of the funds invested, Mergers and Capital Markets. With their dedicated experienced professionals, BRL Trust investment is currently the leading and the biggest independent administrator investments company in Brazil as per the rankings by Anbima.


The company offers a variety of investments services in different business area. One of the services they offer is the Fiduciary services. In the provision of this service, the company’s professionals work hard to meet their investors’ needs. This is the service where the BRL Trust trustees offers the trustees services. The trustees’ services entails monitoring of the capital market. This is done by the Asset Control system (SCA). This system majorly does the work of monitoring, tracking, collection and control of loans. The asset control system has a data base that contains over 300 companies which are monitored in different sectors. In this database there are also over 20,000 portfolios of different customers and over 500,000 received and collected items.


Another service offered by BRL Trust Investments is the funds administration service. For being accredited the authority of being the manager of investment funds by the security commission, BRL Trust has been involved in the innovation and structured funds. Currently BRL is administering 109 funds and with an NAV of about R$ 19.6 dollars.


BRL Trust is also authorized to offer control and custody services by the security commission. Some of the custodian services they offer include cash settlement, centralization of procedure settlement, control of securities lending operations, Reconciliation of assets with deposits and clearing houses, control of cooperate events such as dividends and custody and settlements of assets. The control services that the company is authorized to offer include asset pricing, standardization of reports and information, Tax payments and controls, Reporting to regulatory agencies, Calculations of shares and profitability, and accounting for the investment events.


On addition to custodian services and Trustees services, BRL Trust investment also provides asset management and asset underwriting services. Some of the company’s clients are institutional investors both locally and internationally. The company manages the investment funds and come up with the solutions to solve any problem that prevents them in meeting the need of their investors’ clients.

Yahoo’s Take On Dr. Daniel Amen and Meditation

Dr. Daniel Amen recently had a discussion with the minds over at Yahoo in order to spread the benefits of meditation. Dr. Amen of Amen Clinic, a highly decorated psychiatrist and brain disorder expert, feels that current practices are missing the point of meditation. In recent years, medical practitioners often associated meditation and deep breathing exercises to men that lived off in the mountains. A practice used by those seeking a more spiritually enlightened life rather than trying to beat the rush hour traffic.

Dr. Daniel Amen has performed extensive medical research into this topic and has found new data that suggest meditation is more effective than we though. Clinical studies are now showing increased brain activity and grey matter expansion in the brains of people who meditate and practice deep breathing.

One discipline of meditation that Dr. Amen performed was called Kirtan Kriya and falls under the Kundalini yoga practice. The technique involves various methods of mind exploration through chanting, mantra and deep breathing. Dr. Amen was astonished at the physical and mental changes he experienced when he performed these practices on a regular basis.

The first step in harnessing the power of meditation into your personal life is forgetting the spiritual connotations. Meditation and deep breathing are practices that can be performed by a person of any religion, or lack thereof. Dr. Amen developed a practical method of deep breathing meditation (5x2x10) that can be performed at any time to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • Breathe in deep for 5 seconds
  • Fill the lungs entirely and hold your breath for 2 seconds at the top
  • Exhale slowly for 10 seconds, expelling all of the air
  • Keep your mental attention on the breath and sensation of air

More information can be found here.

Nasal Spray Controls Weight

Obesity is a growing problem in this country. Obesity leads to a number of health related problems in the young and old. Certainly, an answer to the obesity problem would be gladly appreciated by people that are concerned about taking off the extra weight. Well, the good news is that there is a solution on the horizon. A research team at Harvard Medical School located in Boston discovered a Nasal Spray Controls Weight.Let’s take a closer look at that finding.

According to Paul Matheison, Oxytocin Nasal Spray was used in a controlled study on a group of young men in their twenties. Some participants were overweight, while others were within normal weight range. The results of the controlled study were reported at the Endocrine Society annual meeting. They discovered that simply spraying the nose with the Oxytocin Nasal Spray led to the participants consuming less calories and fat.

Here are more interesting facts about the Oxytocin Nasal Spray. Oxytocin is actually a hormone that plays an important role in love, sex, birth, and breastfeeding. The study also revealed that Oxytocin helps the body handle blood sugar and regulates metabolism. This is an amazing study that should have a strong impact on losing weight.

However, Oxytocin Nasal Spray is manufactured by Novartis and is still a bit pricey for the average consumer. Furthermore, the spray cost nearly $300 for a one month supply. The nasal spray is currently approved in the European market.

Choosing Wines When Dining Out

Part of any well rounded meal is the right beverage. A well chosen beverage can help make any meal even better. It is understandable that one of the world’s most popular is drinks is wine. Wine can be chosen to accompany any meal. The right wine can be the best way to help show off the understated notes in a complex sauce or bring out the underlying sweetness of piece of broiled meat. Those who dine out often will be offered the opportunity to sample many kinds of wines. Many find dining institutions have a wine list on hand for their patrons.

A wine list has often been chosen by restaurant staffers in order to help diners pick out the best possible wine pairing for their planned meal. Some menus will offer the option of a wine pairing with each course. Other menus often have a list of potential wines that may work well with elements of the meal. Some restaurants offer specialized wines that are designed to help highlight a particular area of the world such as France where wines are grown and treasured. Those who want to explore the world of wine will often look for a means of help with this process.

One of the best ways to find help navigating the world of wine is with the assistance of a skilled company that provides such help. One such company is the Antique Wine Company. The Antique Wine Company was founded by Stephen Williams in 1982. Since that time, staffers at the company have helped many customers learn as much as possible about the world of wine. Thousands of satisfied customers have been able to work directly with the company in order to find out what wines appeal to their own personal sense of taste.

People who want to be able to walk into a restaurant and pick out a wine that will be just right right each menu item they are are going to order will find it here. The company offers many kinds of services for their customers. One such service is that of classes in all aspects of wine. All of their customers are welcome to take classes about wines. This will include aspects such as the different kinds of wines that are available as well as the kind of wines that will work well with various kinds of meat, fish and sweet desserts.

Healthcare Cost Rise Due to Chemicals On Food

Even though you are eating something you believe is healthy, there might be troubling chemicals present in the food. Those chemicals may be contributing to nearly $200 billion in healthcare costs. Not everyone is going to be seriously concerned about costs. In truth, very few people care about global expenditures on healthcare. What people should be concerned about – very concerned – is the effects these chemicals could have on health. The reason so much money is spent on health care is because people are getting sick. Sadly, the illnesses experienced are probably all avoidable.

Where do these chemicals come from and what do they do?

Brad Reifler has found that the chemicals are “hormone-disrupting agents” found in pesticides. Once the pesticides are sprayed on food, well, they end up being ingested by consumers.

Pesticides serve a very helpful purpose. They destroy dangerous insects that might ruin crops. Getting rid of pests does present risks due to the chemicals sprayed on the food. Year after year, more and more research is conducted on chemicals. The end result is always the same. Human beings almost always suffer in some way from exposure to them.

Is treatment for problems associated with these chemicals avoidable? No one can say for sure, but the chances of avoidance increase when opting to shop for fruits and vegetables at organic markets. Stores of that nature are not in the habit of stocking foods treated with chemicals or other agents.

WHO Sets New Guidelines for Sugar Intake

Recently, I’ve gotten into an alternative medicine kick after reading some suggested books by Dr. Daniel Amen. It appears that he is not alone because researchers, medical professionals, and health experts have long been warning about the dangerous effects that eating too much sugar can have on the health of individuals. Time and again, they have showed that cardiovascular issues, obesity, diabetes, and a wide range of other health problems can be made worse or even caused by the intake of too much sugar.

The World Health Organization recently set up new guidelines that encourage people to cut about 5 to 10 percent of their overall sugar intake. The sugar that they are encouraging individuals to cut back on is not naturally occurring sugar in vegetables, fruit, and milk. The reason why these are not included is because they carry essential nutrients. However, they are encouraging individuals to cut back on processed sugar and sugar that is contained in processed foods. For example, they encourage individuals to be less baked goods, like doughnuts, less cereal, fruit juice, ketchup, and beer.

There are a wide variety of health benefits that can come from cutting back on the amount of sugar that an individual takes in each day. They can help individuals to fight everything from obesity all the way to tooth decay. Also, it is extremely important for parents to teach their children how to eat a healthy diet that is not high in sugar and processed foods. This is going to contribute to the overall good health of their children not only now but in years to come.

Could Ben & Jerry’s Marijuana-Laced Ice Cream be Possible?


For many, namely my friend Fersen-Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is already an addictive drug that is very difficult to escape, so what about a new marijuana-laced ice cream?

A sweet proposal that the company has begun considering is ice cream infused with Marijuana. Of course, that is, when this drug is completely legal to sell, as one of its founders confessed in an interview with HuffPost Live.

Marijuana would certainly fit in with the quirky names and odd flavor mixes. “It makes sense,” said Ben Cohen, co-founder of the popular ice cream business.

His friend and business partner, Jerry Greenfield, admitted it would be a great idea. However, he acknowledged that to incorporate a taste of marijuana to their menu is not that simple.

“Ben and I have experimented with marijuana substances, and I think that legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing,” he said. If it were my decision, I would be doing it. Fortunately, we have the brightest minds in the company that handle those things.”

Dieting and Fasting Lower Inflammation in the Body

Seems like everyone is on a diet, yet our most people are increasing in size and in health problems. What gives?
Apparently the so-called diet many people follow is not a diet at all, because the simple act of burning more calories that you consume will lead to weight loss. However, if that news is not enough to motivate you to go on a ‘real’ diet or fast occasionally consider this: A new study conducted by Yale University shows that dieting and fasting lower inflammation in the body, and that can keep you healthy and prolong your life.
Inflammation in the body is thought to be the root cause of many chronic diseases, like diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disorders. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has learned that chronic inflammation is also thought to cause cancer. All the scientific research point to one conclusion; you either get rid of the inflammation in your body or it will get rid of you.
Now we see another reason going on a diet is important to our health and gives us a new reason to try fasting.

Dr. Rohrich

When we think of health and fitness, we think about feeling good but sometimes more extreme measures need to be taken to feel your best. Dr. Rod Rohrich, named one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas by D Magazine, is a well distinguished professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center, located in Dallas Texas. Dr. Rod Rohrich graduated with high honors, attaining his medical degree, from Baylor College of Medicine. Dr Rod Rohrich served as president of the world’s biggest organization of certified plastic surgeons, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Rod Rohrich completed residencies in plastic surgery and general surgery at The University of Michigan Medical Center. Dr Rod Rohrich has also had training in pediatric plastic surgery, where he attended Oxford University. Dr. Rod Rohrich also attended Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard, where he completed a hand and microvascular fellowship. Succeeding Dr. Fritz Barton in 1991, Dr. Rod  Rohrich became chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Sought after as a rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Rohrich’s focal point is cosmetic surgery, where he is well known for his work in nasal reconstruction and cosmetic nasal surgery. Dr. Rohrich is involved with numerous organizations, who advance, regulate, promote resident education as well as plastic surgery. Also a member of the Oral Exam Committee, the Ethics Committee, Executive Committee, and director for the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he has held chairmanship with both the American Medical Association and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium for over twenty years. As the editor in chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he has authored many textbooks on plastic surgery. Discovering many procedures, techniques, and technology that plastic surgeons around the world use, Dr. Rod Rohrich has led the way to these groundbreaking discoveries. Dr. Rohrich is a firm practitioner of patient safety. He believes that the surgeon should be an expert at performing surgery, be experienced, and perform the the procedure often all while having consistent results, which are exceedingly exceptional. Most of his patients come to him after having unsatisfying results with their first rhinoplasty, which is one of the most difficult procedures in plastic surgery. This is one of the reasons Dr Rod Rohrich feels that one should always choose the best rhinoplasty specialist and thoroughly spend time researching the surgeon.