Purina Puts The Bounce In Your Pet

The bounce in your dog’s ball may come from the air or rubber, but the bounce in your dog comes from what your pet eats.

We as vulnerable humans are very careful about the nutrition we put into our bodies each day. We try to maintain a level of healthy eating, not too many snacks, eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables to maintain that healthy body, or to gain health benefits from what we eat. Your pet should be at the top of your list when it comes to healthy eating, but what do we know about the needs of our pets. We need to consult professionals when it comes to a balanced diet for our pet, but who has time?

Take a shortcut, rely on the professionals who spend thousands of hours developing the perfect foods for our pets. All we need to do is know the size of our pet, the age, and any special needs our pet requires. Is our pooch a little too chunky around the middle? Is our puppy not as active as it should be? Does our faithful dog show signs of aging?

These are all special needs of our pets. Read the labels on the Beneful package of dog food. Ensure you are purchasing the proper nutritional food for your pet’s needs. The guesswork has been taken out of the nutritional content. Purina scientists have researched, measured and developed the perfect diet for your pet’s needs.

All you need to do is fill the bowl and your pet will get the benefit of the scientific work that went into preparing this food.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Good At Cosmetic Surgeries

When someone wants a plastic surgery done they will want to know that the person who will be doing the surgery is someone who is qualified to take care of it. They will want to be assured that the doctor that they are using is one who will take care of the surgery well. It can be a scary thing to have a surgery of any kind done, but when it comes to plastic surgery the patient will be expecting perfection. And, that is what Dr. Jennifer Walden gives them. 
Dr. Jennifer Walden has a passion for doing cosmetic surgeries. She is good at what she does, and she has a high rating. Her patients love her and the work that she does. She is so well loved, in fact, that when she decided to move from New York City to Austin, Texas so that her twins could grow up closer to family, she was able to move her practice along with her. Not everyone is nearly as successful in any kind of business as Dr. Jennifer Walden is in her plastic surgery practice. She is someone who has a lot of talent and who is using it to help others.
The years that Dr. Jennifer Walden spent in school are paying off for her now as she is successful in all that she does. The years are paying off for her as she is able to go back to her roots and still work from her own practice. People love her and what she has been able to do for them. It is important to have a plastic surgeon that you can trust, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is just that to many people. She is someone who they can depend on to do the surgery right.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who is well skilled at what she does. She is better at her craft than a lot of other people, and it is no wonder that people will continue to go to her even after she moved her practice across the country. A good, quality cosmetic surgeon is worth a lot.

Purina’s Beneful dog food

Beneful is a brand of dog food that is produced and sold by Purina PetCare. Beneful is the perfect dog food to keep your pet happy and healthy with its combination of wholesome ingredients, quality nutrition and great taste. Beneful wet dog food comes in different varieties such as Prepared Meals, Hearty Roasters and Chopped Blends. It contains proteins such as beef, chicken, lamb and pork and accent such as carrots, barley, rice and green beans. Beneful brand Baked Delights are oven-baked snacks that your dog is sure to love. They contain flavors such as bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter. Beneful dry dog food is another variety of Beneful dog food that is just as healthy as Beneful wet dog food. It helps support strong muscles, healthy weight and a great coat and skin. Beneful dry dog food is also available for puppies and small dogs and well as large dogs.

Visual Search Companies Take it to the Next Level

What is Visual Image Search?

We often think of words and phrases when making a search inquiry. Times are changing for the better thanks to visual search. Sometimes simple description is not enough information for a search engine to find what you are looking for. Visual search helps to solve this problem by allowing you to use an image as a reference. This searching option adds a valuable dimension to your searching needs by using image recognition technology.

Slyce Takes it to the Next Level

Slyce, an industry leader in visual search engines, allows you to search for products at the touch of a button. Their options are customizable to fit your needs. Slyce will search a pool of available pictures for the item of your choice. This is a relief if you see a product you like and want a better deal.

Visual image search is user friendly. Once can use their phone to take a picture on the go. Those who have to research products will also find this search option particularly useful. Visual image search can also be used for translation and developing your language skills. Have you ever been out for a hike and wanted to know more about the nature around you? Visual image search can easily help you do this:just take a picture!

There are many visual search applications to choose from:

There are quite a few options to choose from. Many image recognition tools can be found via the application store in iTunes.

One of the first applications that pops up is called “WhatzIt.” This nifty tool searches for your images in a giant pool of referenced pictures. The best part about this app is that it is free. You will need to create a name and password in order to use it.

Another good find is an application called “Hiogi.” This tool allows you to do a reverse image search to find whatever it is you are seeking. The application also has diverse search options, such as access to an online community who can give you some answers.

Another great thing about visual search is that you can help it grow. The more images you take, the more options other people will have to take the same picture. Your interests and opinions matter a lot with visual search.

Can Common Chemicals Cause Cancer?

When it comes to cancer, there is no one who wants to be affected by the disease. Unfortunately, all too many humans are affected by cancer in some way. Too many people deal with cancer in their life or in the life of a loved one. Lime Crime thinks that too many face all of the pain that cancer brings about right here. What can be done to stop the spread of cancer? What can be done so that less individuals deal with the pain that cancer brings about?

It seems that exposure to common chemicals may increase the risk of cancer. Exposure to chemicals that don’t seem to be dangerous could actually increase one’s risk of developing cancer. No on wants to deal with cancer, but it seems that everyone is being put at risk on a regular basis. Some simple chemicals such as teflon could cause issues when it comes to cancer, and this is something that needs to be studied. This is something that needs thought and action.

We Should Look More Closely at Our ‘Healthy’ Habits

Those of us who are looking out for our health may have fallen into certain daily or behavioral rituals that we believe are good for us. The most solid basics of good health are to get enough sleep, to eat more fruits and vegetables and many studies have pointed out the health and longevity benefits of having plenty of friends and positive social interactions. There are also the clearly bad things that we all need to avoid such as smoking and substance abuse. There may, however, be things that we do because we believe they are good for us that actually aren’t.

Avoiding wheat gluten is one example of this. Unless a person has celiac disease, which is a specific severe intolerance of gluten, most of us will have no benefit from giving up this wheat protein. Another so-called healthy habit that most should not bother with is juicing. By juicing a fruit or vegetable, you are removing the fiber, which is an extremely healthy part of the whole thing because it helps slow the digestion of any sugar in fruit and is also what makes you feel full and satisfied. Another big thing many of us have done is to only eat the whites of an egg. This is to avoid cholesterol, but it made big news recently when the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which has a major influence on the U.S. governments eventual dietary guidelines, came out with a report saying they will reverse dietary recommendations that people should avoid eating cholesterol.

An Addiction Is Not A Disease

For years people have stated that an addiction is the same as having a disease, but many neuroscientist think differently. Mark Lewis is the author of the book “The Biology Of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not A Disease.” He states that it is extremely wrong for us to call an addiction a disease. A disease is something that a person cannot help. It is something that their bodies have put onto them that they have no real power over. When it comes to a disease, the only thing that a person can do is go to the doctor, take medication, and get medical help. In reality their own emotional power has nothing to do with the power of the disease.

In reality, Boraie Development says that when it comes to an addiction it is a lot less like a physical disease. Even though an addiction has a lot of mental components involved, a person does have the mental power to get over an addiction. Many programs have shown that it does take a variety of different steps in order to help a person that is an addict to get over their addiction. There may be some medication that is involved as well, but that does not equate an addiction with a disease. When we call an addiction a disease, we give out the idea that a person has no control over it, but in reality, those in-the-know at Boraie Development say an addiction is a thing that a person does and has to be able to control. It is very important that we give an addiction the proper name, and in that way we can empower people to get over their addiction with their own strength.

Inflammation May Be Linked To Disease & Cancer

When most people think of inflammation they think of a swollen area of their body that may be red and of course is very painful. However, there is actually a low level type of chronic inflammation that is present in many people’s bodies that has no clear symptoms. To Andy Wirth, this means that you may be suffering from chronic inflammation and actually have no idea. Without actual testing there is no way to know whether a person suffers from this type of inflammation, but it may be causing serious health problems.

It is important to understand that inflammation is usually a response by the immune system to an infection or injury, but sometimes inflammation can be caused by something else. This very low level inflammation can be measured by a simple blood test that looks to see if there are high levels of High Sensitivity C reactive protein in the blood. If it is present then there likely is inflammation present which can damage the heart, brain, other organs, eyes, and more. This means that inflammation may be the reason why people develop cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

While scientists are now aware of how to test for inflammation however, they are not quite sure why it occurs. Many speculate it is the result of poor diets high in sugar and lack of exercise, but like many things there could be other factors as well.

Operation #Dan Becomes a Reality for Attorney Dan New

Enterprising attorney, Dan Newlin, is advancing the utilization of the hashtag beyond social media. Mr. Newlin has law offices from Florida to Chicago and was looking for a way to expand his brand and make connecting with his clientele easier. Noting the use of the pound sign (#) both to designate a number and for linking relevant topics on social media sites, he envisioned combining the two and developed #DAN, an abbreviated dialing code. After 18 months of beta testing with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, Mr. Newlin’s idea has become a reality.

In a PR Newswire press release from Chicago on June 23, 2015, Mr. Newlin was quoted as saying: “I knew the pound sign (#) could be used to designate a number and wanted to make it easier for persons in need of legal services to contact the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, so the idea of simply dialing #Dan rather than having to remember 10 numeric digits, was conceived.” His ingenuity will most likely revolutionize the way companies connect with their customers as the idea of dialing a catchy “hashtag” instead of a 10-digit phone number takes hold.

Is Sugar-Free Really the Better Option?

Go into just about any grocery store or convenience store and you’ll find tons of items labeled as being sugar-free. Sugar-free items are just that: they do not contain any real sugar. This makes them ideal for those who are sensitive to sugar, such as type two diabetics and for those who may be looking to lose weight by avoiding eating too much sugar. The issue with sugar-free food items is that they are often substituted with other types of artificial sweeteners that can cause many health problems long-term for those who are consuming them on a routine basis in their own lives.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not live on a sugar-free diet since our bodies need at least a little sugar in order to regulate our blood sugar levels in the correct manner says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. If you are looking to buy sugar-free items, be wary of their ingredients and keep an eye on the types of artificial sweeteners that are being used. From there, you should also avoid eating too many of these items so that you can avoid the health issues that come with a diet that has very little sugar in it. If you want to find out more about sugar-free items and eating them regularly, it is probably best that you speak with your doctor about these things before actually consuming anything for yourself from the store.

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