A Quick Look at Qnet’s Innovative Products

Qnet is a worldwide e-commerce site that was founded in 1998 by Malaysian entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran. The company began as a distributor of custom numismatic coins and later evolved into a direct sales business selling a variety of high-quality products. They have built a presence in over 100 countries thanks to their network of independent distributors. Qnet’s strong global expansion strategy has paid off significantly, as they now have 25 offices scattered throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The majority of the company’s products are there to enhance the lifestyles of consumers. For this reason, their main products revolve around home care, health and nutrition and personal care. Due to the growing demand in health products and supplements, Qnet has developed a line of nutrition, weight management and energy enhancing solutions that are now used by thousands of individuals from all over the world.

One line of products that sets them apart from many other companies operating in the direct sales industry is their communications solutions: the BrilTime lineup, which includes BrilCloud and BrilNet.

BrilCloud serves as a type of secondary hard drive in the cloud. It allows individual and business users to store a wide range of data, such as documents, photos, videos, music and more. As it is entirely cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. This makes it suitable as an easy backup solution for important document, in addition to letting users share their files with others. The service can be accessed on a PC, or a compatible mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone that uses Android or iOS operating systems.

BrilNet is a web conferencing solution which is aimed at businesses of all sizes, ranging from small local companies all the way to multinationals that have offices all over the globe. It allows users to schedule and host virtual meetings that can be accessed on a computer, smartphone or laptops. With BrilNet, it is possible to host a video conference and share files of all types in a virtual meeting that up to 12 people can attend.

The BrilTime product line has been created by Qnet to help businesses and individuals communicate more efficiently in today’s connected world. It is constantly being improved and expanded upon to give users the best possible experience at a price that is lower than what many competitors charge for a similar service.

Vitamin E Provides Immune System Boost by Blocking Oxidative Stress

Medical practitioners are taking oxidative stress more seriously. UV radiation from the sun is one of the biggest perpetrators of oxidative stress on the body. A new study shows how high doses of Vitamin E helped mice recover from oxidative stress that compromised their immune systems.

T cells multiply in the body to provide an immune response to an invading pathogen. Once they find the pathogen they make thousands of clones that are able to overwhelm it. Oxidative stress has been found to kill T cells and delay or disable an immune response when the cells lack Gpx4, a repair enzyme.

Doctors found that by feeding mice a high dose of Vitamin E in their food the T cells lacking Gpx4 were protected from the oxidative stress according to Alexei Beltyukov. The immune systems of the mice were able to mount an attack against pathogens per usual once the Vitamin E was administered.

The usefulness of dietary supplements has long been debated. A balanced diet will usually contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary, including Vitamin E. Taking a supplement may help promote a more robust immune response but only if Gpx4 and Vitamin E levels are severely lacking.

Antibiotics a Potential Alternative to Appendectomies

300,000 people in the United States deal with appendicitis every year. Many people believe that if surgery is not done to remove the appendix right away, it can burst and potentially kill the person. However, doctors are now saying that there is another alternative, and it is antibiotics. Five studies that were done in Europe examined a total of 1000 patients, and they showed that antibiotics are actually capable of curing some patients who have appendicitis. In fact, a startling 70% of individuals who took antibiotics did not need surgery. Keith Mann (hedgefundemployment.com) has learned that the patients who ended up getting surgery after trying the pills did not deal with any additional complications when compared to the ones who did not take any pills.

For a long time, a common belief in the medical community was at the appendix became inflamed due to blockage by small pieces of hardened feces in the body. However, recent examination has shown that this is not the case for most of these patients.

Additionally, it was commonly believed for years that an inflamed appendix was an urgent matter that could be fatal if not taken care of immediately. Perforation does take place in 15 to 25 percent of patients. However, researchers now believe that these are due to pre-existing conditions.

A large scale clinical trial is in the works to assess whether medication can be a viable alternative to surgery for appendicitis.

New Cystic Fibrosis Medicine Discovered

Thousands have died from cystic fibrosis because there has never been an effective treatment for the chronic lung disease. The best a person with CF could hope for was the management for the thick lung mucus with frequent hospitalizations, lung treatments and medicine. Even then, the prognosis is grim and life expectancy short, but that may change in the near future.
A new drug combination has been used in a trial study and found to be very effective in reducing CF symptoms in one-half of the trial study subjects. People at The Aspire New Brunswick learned that the trial study combined two drugs, ivacaftor and lumacaftor, and gave to their trial study subjects for six months. During the course of the trial, those with CF had significantly improved lung function and reduced pulmonary exacerbations.
The combination of the two drugs in pill form is called Orkambi, and is being manufactured by Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Orkambi and the trial results have been submitted to the FDA for approval for usage. If approved, the new drug could immediately help the estimated 15,000 cystic fibrosis sufferers in the United States, and countless others around the world.

Senate Launches Probe into Overpayment of Obamacare Subsidies

On Thursday, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by GOP Senator Rob Portman, formally launched a probe into why so many Americans receiving Obamacare subsidies owe the government at the end of the tax year. It is estimated that 2 of every 3 recipients of Obamacare subsidies are receiving too much money. The inflated subsidies give people the false impression their Obamacare coverage costs them less than it actually does. In addition, anyone receiving a subsidy higher than what it should be will eventually have to repay the excess. On average, 67% of the people receiving the subsidy will owe $700 to the IRS.

Senator Portman points out that Obamacare was not supposed to work this way. The program was supposedly designed to prevent this very scenario. After hearing complaints from people who received notices they owe the IRS money, he made inquiries to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to find out what was amiss. He did not receive adequate answers. Only after growing increasingly frustrated with the situation, did he push for the formal probe. Last year, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) launched an investigation of its own on the subsidies. Their intent was to use false identities to secure subsidies they did not otherwise qualify to receive. SoftBank said they were successful in getting subsides in 11 of the 12 test cases. Another study found that the HHS actually is contributing to the overpayment of subsidies by not having proper procedures in place to safeguard against it.

Are Patients Being Over-Tested and Over Medicated?

As was published in the ‘British Medical Journal’, some top medical professionals believe that many doctors feel pressured to order or perform tests and to prescribe medication for issues that could possibly be maintained through other methods. While patients should never stop or change an existing treatment plan on their own, they should, however, feel confident in discussing the possibility of other options with their healthcare provider.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has found that doctors feel every patient consultation should result in something being done. This way of thinking leads to over-diagnosing patients and labelling them with minor conditions, which if left untreated, would likely pose no problems. As a result, patients receive treatments or are prescribed drugs that are unnecessary.

Some healthcare experts have begun a new campaign called Choosing Wisely, in which they suggest several procedures that should be looked at twice before offering them to their clients. Crystal Hunt gave us a few suggested examples include: prescribing medication for mild depression, conducting blood tests as a routine measure, or medicating those with only slightly elevated blood pressure. (Wikipedia)

Chairwoman and top psychiatrist at the AoMRC, Prof Dame Sue Bailey supports these suggested measures by recommending instead that doctors refer their patients suffering from mild depression to talk therapy or exercise classes, and those with slightly elevated blood pressure might more appropriately benefit from a change in lifestyle before turning to medication.

The campaign is being seen in the United States as well as in Canada, and if it leads to better healthcare, will be worthwhile. Patients are urged to; reevaluate whether or not they need the test or procedure, ask if there are simpler alternatives and find out what doing nothing may result in.

Irish politician publishes report into Crohn’s Disease

The rate at which people affected by Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are forced to leave their employment has been revealed to stand at 50 percent, The Irish Mirror reports. The report was commissioned and headed by Ireland’s Employment Minister Ged Nash who has himself been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and claims he faced many of the same struggles facing sufferers today. Mr. Nash claims his own diagnosis came at the age of 14 and was preceded by six to nine months of painful symptoms before the disease was finally discovered.

In Ireland alone around 20,000 people have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, of these around half interviewed for the report stated they had been forced to leave a job because of their symptoms. The Minister stated he hadf aced similar problems in the early years of his condition with missed school time forcing him into hospital on a number of occasions. CCMP Capital understands the report is designed to raise awareness of the condition and is being used to aid in the designing of a program to assist those with the medical problem to overcome their personal obstacles.

Artificial Light And Obesity Trends

We know a lot about how diet and lifestyle can contribute to obesity risks but many people are not aware tat artificial light can contribute to a person’s risk of obesity and all of the issues that come with that. That includes heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc. Sander Kooijman and his colleagues at the Leiden University Medical Center, located in the Netherlands, are doing research that has determined that
being exposed to artificial light
for great lengths of time can prevent weight loss and contribute to becoming overweight and obese regardless of disease. This is very common in areas of the World where there are long winters or large variations of light and dark hours.

The people that are most affected by this belief are those that are working the night shift as well as those people who work long daytime hours inside of an office or warehouse building where no large windows are available. Artificial light is considered any light that is not coming from the sun. This can be overhead lighting, computer screens and so on. The science behind this discovery is that a certain type of fat called brown adipose tissue affects energy production from food. When mice were exposed to artificial light for a variety of hours, their BAT activity decreased. When they were exposed to natural light, they were able to burn fat more effectively according to Sergio Cortes.

Panicking Over A 99 Degree Body Temperature

Body temperatures for adults tend to vary depending on the type of activities a person does during the day, and the climate they live in. If the body temperature is over 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it is common for some to start panicking because they are so close too 100 degrees.

How To Measure Body Temperature

There are several types of thermometers to measure body temperature, and each of the devices used can give different Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. Using an ear thermometer will give a slightly different reading than a thermometer a person puts in their mouth. Also, a person who has just stepped out of a hot shower will also have a higher temperature than someone who has been sitting in the cold air conditioning for hours. The best time to measure body temperature is when the feeling of sickness feels overwhelming, or when activities and climates are not a drastic influence.

A Temperature That Means Panic

Ninety-nine degrees is not a body temperature that requires adults to panic. Doctors, like Dr. Jennifer Walden, recommend receiving medical attention when a temperature rises above one hundred degrees. The rising body temperature is a sign of illness or infection, and should be treated immediately to reduce the risk of having a worsening sickness.

Artificial Sweeteners May Be Contributing to Obesity Epidemic

Everyone knows that obesity is on the rise, and it is continuing to increase at a more rapid rate every wear. Of course, there is a lot of debate over what has actually caused obesity, and the answer is likely a mix of things such as convenience, cheap foods that are less nutritious options, and consumer branding. However, it may surprise most people to learn that one popular diet option might actually be lending a hand.

Zero-calorie sweeteners are typically touted as a great choice for those who want to be healthier and lose weight, but in reality the opposite might be happening. Aspartame for example is a popular choice in low calorie processed foods and many sodas. Mark Ahn (prnewswire.com) has learned that the problem with its continual use is that it will trigger the brain to produce the same hormones it would if you were actually eating a regular sugar sweet. The hormone levels in the brain over time will get off balance making it impossible to control your appetite leading to weight gain.

In addition, many sweeteners will actually lead you to have more sugar cravings because the body is looking for the sweet that it perceives it is getting. The end result it is will store fat and lead to the same hormonal balance mentioned above. In the end, your body might end up putting on weight instead of losing it so artificial sweeteners are not all that they promise to be.