George Soros Calls on EU to Centralize Asylum Efforts

Billionaire financier George Soros has weighed in on the Syrian refugee crisis and where he believes the European Union has gone wrong in handling it. According to his plan, published by MarketWatch last September, the EU’s fractured approach has exacerbated the problem and the remedy is a unified, unselfish involvement of the member states.

According to George Soros, the EU member states have acted in their own individual interests but a solution requires a comprehensive plan that extends beyond the European borders. The six main points of his plan are:

The EU must welcome at least a million refugees per year and foot a bill of more than $16,000 per asylum-seeker per year to pay for their housing, schooling, and health care;

• The EU must undertake worldwide fundraising efforts to provide Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey with means to host four million refugees;

• The EU members must centralize efforts by forming a single asylum agency and, later, a single border guard because the current system of 28 separate agencies is inefficient and inconsistent;

• A safe migration path must be established to calm tensions in the area and encourage migrants to stay the appointed travel course to asylum;

• The plan established in the EU should guide the rest of the world in its treatment of refugees; and

• To help asylum seekers become integrated members of society, organizations in the private sector, including businesses and church groups, should be called upon to act as sponsors.
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By following a united plan, Soros believes the European Union can reduce panic and suffering while protecting the human rights of asylum seekers.

About George Soros
Soros was born Schwart György in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. After his Jewish family was split up during Nazi-occupied Hungary in World War II, he emigrated to England and graduated from the London School of Economics with degrees in philosophy. After completing school, Soros took a sales job but was unhappy in the position. He eventually landed an entry-level position at the London merchant bank Singer & Friedlander. Over the next 15 years worked his way up the ladder in several more financial firms before founding the American investment firm Soros Fund Management in 1970.

Soros still chairs Soros Fund Management as well as the Open Society Foundations. The latter supports groups around the world that are dedicated to promoting social justice, education, and other social causes. In 23 years, the organization has donated more than $11 billion to philanthropic causes.

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Helane Morrison and the Future of Corporate Compliance

Just like in real life, the corporate world has its realities. Emerging trends in business today pay attention to ethical and healthy business practice. Maintaining ethical practice presents the challenge to regulators and sometimes the government.

The solution for this problem has evolved over the last two decades in the form of risk and compliance functions. The sector has grown so much that there are highly trained and experienced compliance practitioners operating in the market. Interestingly, these professionals come together to share knowledge and skills through seminars and journals. The Compliance Building journal is a perfect example of such platforms.

These professionals assist corporate entities keep vigil on operations and remain in line with regulations and standards. One of the leading gurus of compliance is a tough lady in Helane Morrison. She was one of the pioneers who shaped the practice compliance, especially in financial markets. Helane once flagged a real estate company for malpractice in the form of fictitious and cooked books. Other similar cases include insider trading at stocks and equity markets.


Today, compliance officers play pivotal roles in the running of corporate organizations especially multinationals that operate across borders. However, with their expanded roles comes even greater responsibility and heavy scrutiny. The problem is that as they ensure firms follow the pre-determined course of action, they are also held liable for management misconduct. This development means compliance officers get prosecuted for mistakes they didn’t commit.


Therefore, it means that compliance officers must always be on the front foot in addressing all shortcomings and mending fences. Only by so doing can they cool off the heat and pressure on their backs and prove their accountability to their profession. An article on SDCEXEC explains the heightened responsibilities of compliance officers.


Helane Morrison will be keeping vigil on developments at her firm, Hall Capital in San Francisco. More so, her strict personality in previous responsibilities acts as proof of her prowess. Helane also serves on the management board at Hall Capital as a Director. A background in legal affairs makes her the organization’s lead counsel and chief compliance officer. The industry will, therefore, need professionals like Ms. Morrison to set the standards once gain.


In fact, it could be the time for her to renew her promise to keep traders on their toes which she made while serving as an administrator at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Wengie Talks about Being Unique

Different cultures have different standards of beauty. In fact, within every culture are subcultures which have standards of beauty that may differ slightly from the dominating culture. However, there are beauty gurus that appreciate all cultures and will provide advice that accounts for all cultures of beauty. One of the beauty gurus is Wengie. She works on her YouTube channel in which she shares with her subscribers the different aspects of beauty and helping them find a style that works for them. She has inspired plenty of people in order to find their own style.

Wengie describes her turning point in her career when she decided to work on her YouTube channel full time. She did find this decision to be rather hard and uncomfortable to make. However, she has put a lot of effort towards bringing success to her channel. She has some really encouraging ideas that she has shared on her interview. One thing that she said was that she believes that being unique is overrated on YouTube. She doesn’t consider herself unique. She does work very hard towards bringing the best experience to her users. She also believes in switching content and bringing something new to her subscribers.

Wengie has been interested in beauty for a while. She ha developed her interest in spite of her mother who is not really all that interested in style and fashion. However, Wengie herself takes pride in her overall appearance. She also looks for ways to bring out a look that satisfies both her and her subscribers.

Wengie wants to make sure that everything she promotes is something that she would actually use. She often tests products before promoting it. This is actually one of the most ethical ways to run a business. She takes the time to try it for herself before she promotes it to others.

Cosmetic Surgeons: Discovering the Best of the Best for Any Patient

The world of cosmetic surgery has grown tremendously in recent years. Today, more people than ever before have easy access to plastic surgeons for any of their cosmetic needs. However, with this growth in the field, there are now so many names in cosmetic surgery, that it can be difficult for a potential customer to know where to go for the best care. To lend aid in the venture to discover the best names in plastic surgery, Harper’s Bazaar magazine came up with a comprehensive list of the best surgeons for several different states, and for several different popular procedures, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and reconstruction surgeries.

Included on this list are surgeons who serve Hollywood’s stars, like Dr. Aaron Rollins, known for his liposuction success, and Dr. Raj Kanodia, a wonder in the rhinoplasty business, among many others. One of the surgeons on the list is Dr. Jennifer Walden. A born­-and­raised-Texan, Dr. Walden has found great success in plastic surgery, earning her spot on Harper’s Bazaar’s list, and is also a published author and committed mother; a woman who appears to have it all. She attracts loyal clientele through her great bedside manner and hardworking personality. She’s also one of few women to have been on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and today encourages many young pre­med hopefuls to never give up their dream.

Surgeons like Dr. Walden are invaluable due to both their commitment to their field and their warm, friendly personalities. Patients seek out these qualities in a surgeon because they are putting immense trust into these physicians, to help them reach their goals and keep them safe while striving for those goals. To make a good name for themselves, surgeons like Dr. Walden are constantly striving for excellence, maintaining client relationships and doing all that they can to achieve high satisfaction for their patients. Dr. Walden and other surgeons like her have worked extremely hard, through years of school and beyond, to have earned their success in the growing world of cosmetic surgery.

George Soros Fears Return to 2008

When you look at world markets there are some clear economic trends that are going to be able to show the smart path for investing in 2016. Billionaire hedge fund mogul George Soros has looked at the economic problems in China as a harbinger of things to come. Soros compares the potential for China’s problems to be exported to the rest of the world. This could be a real problem for investors.

China has been an economy in flux for some time, the currency in China is falling in value and combine that with problems in the Middle East that make many investors nervous. When George Soros speaks and makes a connection between now and 2008 people listen because he has a history of reading markets appropriately and making money from it. As the Chinese economy moves from one of production to one of consumerism there is a natural depreciation that is going to take place. The problem on Politico is that the world is so interconnected that a problem in China can be spread quickly and easily to the rest of the world.

For the past 30 years China has been a great economic source of growth so that makes the decrease in the Chinese yuan value and the slowdown in economy does raise some pretty vibrant red flags for all people. Chinese leaders are struggling to get a handle on the economic problems, so Soros’ evaluation seems to have some legs. However there are many differences between the economic problems of 2008 and today. It does mean that all investors need to pay attention and see what the Asian markets are going to do in the first two quarters of the financial year in 2016.

When George Soros speaks, many people pay attention because he has a proven track record of success. He had been successfully managing one of the most successful hedge funds in the world from 1969-2002. During that time he handled a raft of different financial crises and challenges to still keep his hedge fund earning a significant return each and every year. That means he knows what he is talking about. George Soros’ credibility makes his comments recently at a meeting in Sri Lanka as world news and may increase the panic that some investors are feeling at this time.

Not only is Soros a world leader in economic on issues he is a leader in giving back as well. Soros has championed the causes of freedom all over the world and established Open Society organizations all over the world in over 100 countries. They are designed to keep governmental activities transparent and provide freedom for all. In Russia, the organization was so successful that they were banned by the Russian government because they exposed so much that they were deemed subversive. George Soros is a world figure that demands attention and his concerns about the current economic situation in the world should be given significant regard.

New York City Real Estate Market Expands

A fresh new push is being placed on the city of New York by a man who is well known in the real estate industry. His name is Dave Liniger and he is responsible for building the brokerage powerhouse, RE/MAX. His focus is set on New York City, as he wants to push through some of the local brokerage businesses and help expand the services throughout the city. One of the brokerage businesses he has his sights focused on is called TOWN Residential. They’re a luxurious real estate business offering exceptional services throughout the area, ensuring satisfaction and business at its finest. Mr. Liniger shares years of success with the world, as he has been in the real estate business since 1970. He has expanded his offices by selling master franchises and was able to set up regional offices. He hopes to help grow the companies and expand exceptional services throughout the City and the real estate businesses.

TOWN Residential is a very well-known, prominent real estate company in New York City that offers residential, commercial and lease services. Their brokers are highly experienced and bring years of developmental skills to the industry. They can assure you that they know what they are selling, and they know the rules, regulations and/or covenants that come with the properties. Nothing will come as a surprise to you, because full disclosure and honestly will be provided with a guarantee. They offer luxurious and delicate properties placed on the market, and will either help you sell your property or help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The company has grown very fast, as it has only been in business for five short years. Because of their exhibited excellence and demeanor, they have excelled to new, extreme levels of professionalism creating a reputation that is hard to beat in the New York City and Boston areas. The company has found the winning formula to become successful in the industry and is known to be in the top 50 best places to work in New York City. Their expertise and services to each client is exceptional.

The Female Andes Aegypti Mosquito Is One Of The Most Dangerous Insects In The World According To Brazilian Medical Expert Dr. Sergio Cortes

The Aedes aegypti mosquito may be one of the smallest creatures in the world, but it kills more people around the world than any other animal, according to Brazilian medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes is a certified orthopedic surgeon and teacher, and he is also a Harvard-educated businessman that has helped Brazil deal with the virus infections that are spread by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito. According to, Dr. Cortes was the Director of the State Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro for seven years. While he was in that position, he helped stop the spread of dengue in Xerém, Duque de Caxias during the 2013 flood. Cortes is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Cortes has been trying to educate the people about the harm mosquitoes cause when they are bitten by them in the rural and city areas where the Aedes aegypti mosquito breeds. The Aedes aegypti mosquito can breed almost anywhere. Researchers recently discovered Aedes aegypti mosquitoes breeding in a soda cap filled with water. The viruses that are transmitted by the bite of a female Aedes aegypti mosquito cause severe symptoms that last between 2-7 days. And in some incidences infected people can have serious complications, according to a post on the official Dr. Cortes website.

Dr. Cortes explained how viruses are transmitted when he was interviewed by Cortes said the virus infects the mid-gut of a mosquito and then it spreads to the salivary glands over an 8-10 period. After that incubation period, the virus can be transmitted to humans when the female looks for the protein in human blood. The female needs the protein to produce eggs. The female mosquitoes can lay eggs in clean as well as dirty water, and they don’t need much water to complete the egg laying process, according to a Dr. Cortes tweet.

The recent outbreak of the Zika virus carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito is a good example of how dangerous a mosquito bite can be. Millions of Brazilians have been infected with the Zika virus, and more than 80 percent of those people don’t know they have the virus. Dr. Cortes posted an article on his LinkedIn page that showed the connection between the Zika virus and microcephaly. The same article said Guillain-Barre syndrome is another complication from a mosquito bite.

Sanjay Shah Started Solo Capital When Only Way Was Up

In 2007 when Wall Street crashed and burned in a corrupt fireball, one of the brilliant honest workers quickly laid off was Sanjay Shah. He had dedicated his talents for making money to his employers: Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. His career might have seemed to have ground to a halt, along with hundreds of other people similarly afflicted. Undaunted, Sanjay Shah picked himself up and got into effective action. From his beginnings as owner of Aesa S.a.r.l, he launched Solo Capital Holdings.

Things became quite interesting in Mr. Shah’s story after that. Solo Capital launched brands Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited, with headquarters in London. Four years later, his list of companies started and bought included another British territory, the Virgin Islands. He also has since developed business in a lot of other countries, such as Malta, Luxembourg, and the Cayman Islands. And at that time he had profited a whopping £19 million pounds. And he never gave up on the area of hedge funds. He bought the hedge fund, Old Park Lane Capital. He is retired now, with a nice little nest egg of approximately $280 million USD in total assets. His retirement home is now in Dubai.

Retirement agrees with Sanjay Shah, it seems. He hosted the entourage of the hip hop superstar entertainer Snoop Dogg in his home in The Palm of Dubai, he probably had no idea just how busy his retired life would become. When Snoop Dogg learned that Sanjay has a son who was diagnosed as being autistic, he explored ways Sanjay could help with the issue. His suggestion that Sanjay get into the music business to raise money to get more research done about autism, Sanjay took the suggestion to heart. He founded Autism Rocks, his charity to raise just such funds. Snoop Dogg and many other great world-class entertainment stars have contributed, in the form of private concerts in Dubai and London. Other stars who have performed at these charity concerts include Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Michael Bublè, and a host of internationally acclaimed DJs.

Autism Rocks uses proceeds from these concerts to fund the Autism Research Trust, which Sanjay Shah is also a trustee of. The Trust funds Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Since 2013 Mr. Shah has been the Trust’s Director. He has also made major personal financial contributions to the trust.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of a globally ran investment firm headquartered in London. Solo Capital is what the company is called, and it has been around for five shorts years, however, its success has surpassed everyone’s expectations. The company has increased rapidly showing their success and reputation to be increasingly positive. Sanjay Shah decided to open his own brokerage company, which he wasn’t sure exactly how it would all play out, but he can look back and be glad that he took the leap. The financial issues that portrayed themselves heavily in 2009 took a toll on my people, including Sanjay Shah. Although he owned many companies at the time prior to opening Solo Capital, it was still a struggle for everyone. He could never anticipate the success that he endured through Solo Capital and is very pleased with the outcome. The company is a million dollar company with a very constant appeasing cash flow.

Shah didn’t start in the investment and financial industry right away. In fact, he was geared towards making a life in the healthcare industry as a doctor. He obviously had a change of thought and switched his major while attending King’s College, and graduated with his accounting and finance degrees. He worked for investment firms throughout the area where he surpassed the foundation needed to succeed. He had the smarts and he necessary tools, he just had to put them all together. Once he did, he formed an investment company the elevated his income to the billions and allowed him to consider himself a retired business owner. However, it didn’t last for long.

In 2014 he decided he was going to start his own charity after a wonderful visit with his long-time friend Snoop Dogg. He stopped by for a visit and over tea, Shah finally decided how he was going to help raise awareness for Autism. He founded Autism Rocks, which is a charity that is based on donations that can be used to send money to research teams, foundations, universities and whomever else Shah feels would make a good impact on the condition. There is currently no cure for autism, but he is hopeful that they can produce enough funds to really get somewhere with the research and development of the condition. He youngest son was diagnosed with autism at the very young age of two. Although they are glad that they caught it early so that they can help him get through it, he just wants to fully understand the neurological condition a little bit better in hopes to create positivity and new light for people who struggle. At the same time, he realizes that many families don’t have the luxury of proving the necessary care, and he hopes that Autism Rocks can help with that as well.

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Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Has Soccer To Thank For His Bank’s Success

In Brazil, if you don’t like soccer you are not considered Brazilian. Brazil’s society is a mixture of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and social characteristics, but the glue that holds the country together is soccer. There’s not a Brazilian child alive that hasn’t watched a soccer or match. And when kids are old enough to walk they learn how to kick a ball. Soccer is part of the Brazilian personality, and it shows when Brazilian players take the field to play other countries. The World Cup is the academy award of Brazil. Every Brazilian boosts about their favorite team and they follow the companies that advertise on game days.
Ricardo Guimarães was well aware of the importance of soccer in Brazil. He is a good example of a Brazilian kid that kept soccer in his life as he aged. His family is one of the wealthiest families in Minas Gerais, but all that money didn’t stop Ricardo from playing the game after school on the dirt fields in the city of Belo Horizonte. The online magazine has interviewed the personable banker on numerous occasions, and the interviewers are always anxious to hear what Ricardo has to say about the sport. Guimarães was the president and chairman of the Minas Gerais team for five years, so he is very knowledgeable about the players that have made an impact on the sport over the years.
When interviewed Ricardo, questions about his bank’s sponsorship program was the topic. Ricardo’s family bank, the BMG Bank, has been sponsoring soccer clubs since 2008. Today, BMG Bank sponsors eight clubs and several top players from other clubs. Ricardo told the online magazine that BMG Bank is also sponsoring tennis great Marcelo Mello. Marcello will be on the court at the Summer Olympics in Rio, and he will be wearing the three letter orange BMG logo.
Thanks to BMG Bank’s decision to get involved in sports sponsorships, Ricardo has turned a medium size bank into a top competitor in the banking industry. In 2015, BMG Bank had a record year in terms of profits, and advertising on soccer fields around the country was the reason for the bank’s success. In spite of the deep recession that is in its third year in Brazil, BMG Bank is healthier than ever.
Mr. Guimarães is in demand these days. He is asked to speak about soccer, politics, the economy and banking almost every week. Ricardo takes his new found popularity in stride. On his website, Ricardo says he does what he does to help the people of Brazil. He think BMG Bank has been able to give the middle class a chance to survive the recession because of their liberal payroll loan program.

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