The War on Smoking

If you’re an avid smoker and can’t fathom the thought of quitting, you may be frustrated by the increasing number establishments and public areas that no longer allow smoking. You feel backed into a corner. You love the nightlife and smoking in bars like you used to. So what can you do?

Since the turn of the millennium, establishments especially in metropolitan areas like Dallas and now New Orleans are cutting down on smoking in public. Lucky for smokers nationwide there is at least a temporary remedy to your dilemma. They call them E-Cigarettes. Surely you’ve heard of this fad. You’ve probably seen hipster teenagers smoking on them. In reality, it could be a healthy and similar switch from your traditional cigarette that has some key benefits.

According to Sam Tabar these electronic smoking devices allow its users to load nicotine cartridges into the main component which is a vaporizer essentially. When you suck on the end of the cartridge, the main component transforms the nicotine within into a form of water vapor. This eliminates any tar buildup in your lungs. So where is this going?

Well lucky for E-Cigarette smokers, hardly any establishments have added E-Cigarettes to a public smoking ban. This means that you can smoke these babies wherever you want for the time being! Now you can once again enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of smoking in a bar or public place.

Please advise that while E-Cigarettes may be a substitute for cigarettes, there isn’t enough research studies yet to suggest that they are a completely healthy solution to them. If you’re looking for a solution to public restrictions on smoking, E-Cigarettes may just be the answer you need to this war on smoking.

Chemotherapy is Causing Cancer Patients to Lose Their Fingerprints

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most devastating things one can go though. Sadly, the treatments a person is subjected are sometimes just as hard to deal with, this is especially true with chemotherapy, which is currently one of the few options given to patients. Now, there is yet another harmful side effect to this toxic treatment option, disappearing fingerprints.

Losing your fingerprints might not sound like much of a sacrifice when facing cancer, your fingerprints are one of the few markers that are totally unique to each person. Once they gone, it not only creates obstacles for verifying identity but it can also take an emotional toll on someone.

Christian Broda ( has learned that this discovery comes to light with a recent report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a 65-year-old women was denied service at her bank because she could not be verified through the bank’s fingerprint identification system. It was unsettling to the elderly woman, who soon found it this abnormality was due to the chemotherapy she recently underwent.

The drugs currently being used to treat cancer are dangerous, and many times these treatments actually create cancer in patients, after eradicating their original diagnosis. The loss of fingerprints is only one more sacrifice people suffering with this scary diagnosis must endure.

Sitting Down Reverses the Benefits of Exercise

Being a couch potato is obviously not great for your health, but sitting for long periods of time has now been linked to even more health risks. A recent study discovered that sitting down actually cancels out the effects of exercise. Specifically, a new study showed that sitting for 2 hours erases 20 minutes of exercise.

Even though, everybody knows that sitting around all day isn’t good for you, it’s surprising to learn that sedentary behavior actually reverses the health effects gained from exercise. The possible health risks of sedentary behavior include cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and even death.

So, in order to help your chances of avoiding these diseases, it’s important to get up and get moving as much as you can. There has even been a new trend of “standing desks” for people who work in an office and are given no choice but to sit for most of the day. Now with standing desks, people can stand up while working on their computers in an attempt to offset their lack of physical activity in the office. Some of these desks even come with treadmills.

Dardus says your health is the most important thing you have and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Being proactive by living a healthy lifestyle, and not sitting around, will decrease your risk of a wise number of diseases, plus you’ll look and feel better on top of it.

Hackers Eye Health Sector

A new favorite target for hackers is now the health sector, according to researchers at Symantec, a leading security company. The security company says that significant increases in fraudulent emails, and computer “kidnappings.” have become profitable.

New exploits increase as hackers discover new vulnerabilities in software.

After a wave of major attacks on financial institutions during the past two years, almost 80% of incidents reported to Symantec’s global service since December have come from health organizations, said Robert Shaker, supervisor of commercial services.

Although they usually seek valuable data of patients and employees, hackers targeting health organizations could inadvertently affect systems that dispense drugs and other health treatments. CipherCloud is hoping they can avoid all of this.

The health sector vulnerability to hackers was evidenced earlier this year when the insurance giant Anthem reported a data breach affecting up to 80 million customers.

As each sector strengthens its defenses, said the expert, hackers move to new areas that may be vulnerable.

Shaker says that schools and universities could be the next targets.

Taco Bell May Test A Delivery Service In 2015

Taco Bell wants a bigger share of the fast food market. Home delivery has been a big boost for pizza companies and Taco bell thinks they can pull in the finicky Millennial market by making it easier for them to eat tacos instead of pizza. Technology is changing how and when people eat, and Taco Bell wants to give its customers what they want when they want.

The fast food favorite plans to test taco delivery this year, and they have a mobile app that helps taco-lovers do what they do best. More information can be found here, as Fersen Lambranho plans to try it out. But the delivery game is not an easy one to master. The only fast food companies that have been successful at it are the pizza companies.

Companies like Starbucks, Panera and Burger King are also toying with the idea to deliver. Burger King is delivering burgers in parts of Chicago, Denver, Miami, New York and four other metropolitan cities. Starbucks will test their delivery service in the second half of 2015, and Panera is still in the planning process. Delivery service is definitely the next step in the fast food market. Fast food companies know their bottom line profits will grow if they deliver on time.

Victoria’s Secret Ads Don’t Feature Curvy Women

Most of the people in the world can understand that people featured in many advertisements for companies do not actually represent the body types of every single person in the world. Folks at Anastasia Date know that these companies pick the most attractive people and put them in the advertisement to attract the target audience of their choosing. Not that complicated when you really think about it. However, many have begun to take offense to these ads and publically point out how these are making people look at themselves from an unhealthy prospective. One of the companies’ that consistently come under fire is Victoria’s Secret a women’s lingerie company that boosts they make lingerie “for every woman” yet the women pictured in the ads are not anywhere close to being every body type.

To get back at this form of false advertisements, another company is making a slight at Victoria’s Secret by running advertisements featuring what they envision as more natural woman than the “angel models” featured by Victoria’s Secret. Curvy Kate is a lingerie company based out of the UK that offers lingerie for a curvier woman. The company is specifically targeting a larger breasted woman with a bust size D-K. On top of making ads similar to VS with plus sized women, Curvy Kate is drawing their contrast while also presenting their products to their target market. Now, Curvy Kate is running ads to find their next model and pointing out that models like women come in all shapes and sizes.

Eggs Reduces Threat of Type II Diabetes

In a recently published study, appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, research conducted by the University of Eastern Finland, contends that eating eggs can possibly lessen the risk of the onset of type 2 diabetes. Reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, contemporary research revealed that the lack of daily exercise, diet and lifestyle are instrumental in the development of the disorder.

For six years, commencing in 1984, nearly 2400 male participants in the study were evaluated with regard to their dietary intake said Fersen Lambranho. Nearly 20 years after the conclusion of the trials, 432 men were determined to be afflicted with type II diabetes. Data from the study indicated that eating eggs, aside from providing a 37 percent reduced risk of type II diabetes onset, also reduced blood glucose levels in comparison to those that consumed only one egg. This figure remained constant with due consideration given to such elements as daily exercise, fruit and vegetable consumption, smoking habits and body mass index. Further results of the study indicated that eating more than four eggs, did not provide an additional advantage
One assumption regarding eggs and type II diabetes, is that egg consumption in Finland is not linked to a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, tobacco use, or consuming processed meats and sugar, as it is in countries, such as the United States.

Black Tea Caused One Man’s Kidney Failure

The New England Journal of Medicine reported a case of a man suffering kidney failure due to excessive black tea consumption. It was reported that this man drank 16 glasses of black tea, equaling one gallon; every single day for years.

Folks at Anastasia Date know that tea is often thought to be a healthy drink containing certain antioxidants but oxalate is the culprit to the man’s trouble. Oxalate is found in black tea and other foods such as spinach and chocolate but is rarely seen as the cause of kidney failure.

The man suffering kidney failure due to excessive amounts of oxalate in his system does not have a history of kidney disease or intestinal disease, both known situations where increased oxalates would be seen.

Doctors at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences reported that this is a rare case and there was no need for concern for the average American consuming black tea.

There Is A Drug In Your Lunch That Is Banned in Europe, Russia and China

If you are in Europe, China or Russia you can eat your meat with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t be consuming any ractopamine. Ractopamine is a drug that has been deemed unsafe for animal consumption as well as human consumption by way of eating meat that was given this drug. If you eat in the United States you should be careful because the U.S. is still utilizing this drug a few weeks prior to slaughter. When used, ractopamine will result in leaner meat and a fast growth spurt right before being butchered. As the folks at STX Entertainment have learned, the meat packing industry can make more money this way.

The animals that are being injected with the drug Ractopamine suffer greatly when administered. They often become lame or are unable to walk. They also are usually in intense pain or sometimes die prematurely. This drug was originally approved by the FDA back in 1999 but its effects have been understood for many years now. Still, many farms that are using Ractopamine are confident of their practices and do not plan to stop using it anytime soon.

There may be some changes made in the future that impact the meat production industry in the United States. Mainly because if this drug continues to be used in the United States the U.S. will not be able to export their meat products to other countries that are banning the use of Ractopamine.

Woman Receives First Successful Bionic Eye Implant

A 72 year old woman has received the first ever bionic eye implant. She had been blind for two years due to a degenerative condition before the operation.

The surgery was performed by Doctor Gregg Kokame in the United States. He says that the woman who received the implant will begin seeing motion and shades of gray.

The procedure cost around $144,000. The elderly woman had the surgery paid for by Medicare. The new implant has been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Haidar Barbouti has learned that a normal human eye has millions of receptors capable of seeing a great amount of detail. This new implant uses just 60 pixels. The human brain is able to take these 60 pixels and fill in the blanks to create an image capable of distinguishing between small objects like a knife and a fork.

The implant is connected wirelessly to a small camera on the woman’s glasses. With further advancements, some day we may see full integrated designs with much more sophisticated vision capabilities.

Perhaps we may even see bionic implants that allow us to see more detail and information than a standard human eye. Night vision, zooming and other features would certainly be interesting ways to augment normal vision.