The Best That Dog Food Companies Have to Offer

The dog food companies of today have improved drastically. There are may companies that there that are really concerned about the health of their pets. This has become evident because there are so many new dog food companies that are surfacing. The reign of the premium dog food is something that many people may not have expected, but it is certainly a concept that is on the rise.

Vitamins are very important to pets, but there are so many dogs that are not getting the proper daily nutritional values. This can cause problems, but companies like Beneful have the ability to help pet owners build better dietary plans for their daily pet food meals.

Beneful has become the best source of nutrients because it gives people the ability to get vegetable blends and meats all together in one meal. So many pet owners have been trying to figure out what they need to do to get their pets on the right road to healthy eating. This is the thing that they need to pay attention to. This may be the most interesting part of the new dog food equation. Premium foods like Beneful equates to a longer life span. Pet owners have choices like lamb, duck, beef and chicken to consider for these meals.

Companies are marketing in such a way that it has become a lot easier to recognize what the pet foods ingredients are. There are commercials that are breaking down the ingredients. This is something that will show more people about what is available in the dog food world. Most people have been used to simply buying food for their dogs without even considering the concept of anything healthy. Many of the new marketing strategies are pushing the ingredients out at the customer. This is a bold attempt to make people pay attention to what has changed with Beneful dog food. The flavors and ingredients have evolved, and companies are taking big measures to make sure that this is evident. Customers are beginning to see the price spikes in dog food and realize that this is the new norm.


Xerém Is In Need Of Aid After The Flood

Extra recently published an article about Sergio Cortes and his recent visit to Xerém. Xerém is a city in Brazil that was affected by recent floods. His main concern is that the people that are living in Xerém have access to all of the items that they need to be able to go about life in a way that is safe; he also is concerned about possible health issues that could come about in the wake of a natural disaster.

The government has established shelters and also centers for re-hydration for all of those individuals that are suffering from the effects of Dengue. The re- hydration centers have been up and running since January the 15th. In these centers there are 12 chairs that are available for re-hydration, and they are able to help about 300 individuals a day. The secretary of health and the government are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

One of the biggest worries is the spread of Dengue. There are large amounts of trash that are located all over the city, and mosquitoes that carry Dengue could be attracted to the trash and cause people to become infected with the disease. Another worry is the spread of leptospirosis in the city. In order to stop this infection from spreading, the municipal health secretary and Cortes decided to send out disaster kits to the areas that are affected. In addition to that, they are going to be sending out over 3000 antibiotic pills.

Clean water is also something that is of great importance to the secretary of health. He and his team are actively taking steps to disinfect water, and they are encouraging others to use sodium hypochlorite to disinfect their water as well. The government sent over 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite in order to aid in this. Apart from that, Cortes encourages those affected by the flood to use bottled water for their cooking and for hygiene purposes as well. Cortes is working on forming a team of individual that can work in shelters that are formed in areas that are affected by floods. These teams will be able to help spot individuals that might be infected with a disease before the disease spreads.

Autism Rocks Solo Capital

When Sanjay Shah found out that his young son was diagnosed with Autism, he felt that he wanted to make a difference and help out with awareness, so he created a charity called Autism Rocks. His good friend, Snoog Dogg urged him to get back into the music industry and work with some of the music artists to set up concert gigs and raise money for the cause. He was able to take this conversation and make it into a real life effort, where he worked with artists who helped him raise money for the charity through their concerts. Shah was fortunately in a good point in his life financially to get his son the treatment and help that he needed to help cope with Autism, but understands that not all people have this ability. That is where the fundraiser comes into play. Shah can designate where the funds go, and ultimately wants to aid in research to find a cause and to help families that are less fortunate and don’t have the necessary resources to cope with Autism.

Before he started Autism Rocks, he worked for an accounting firm. It didn’t take him long to realize this wasn’t for him, and he opened up his own brokerage firm specializing in proprietary trading and other forms of financial investments. He was able to hire some newly graduates and trading partners to help him get started and began to build his company from the ground up. In a total of five years, his company had a net worth of $280 million. He named the company Solo Capital. He has several Solo Capital businesses in Central Europe and Dubai. All of them have been quite successful, and have allowed him to in a sense, retire and focus his efforts on other ventures like Autism Rocks.

With his continued efforts and hard work, he has formed a solid financial company that has allowed him to live a comfortable life. Now he has the ability to focus his efforts solely on Autism Rocks, and help his son cope and get better. That has become his passion in life.

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How Hard Is It To Become A YouTuber?

YouTube is one of the most powerful social networking platforms in the world right now. YouTubers are some of the richest social media stars in hone world today because of the money that can be earned from their YouTube partnership program. YouTubers can post videos and receive compensation for every time a certain amount of people visit their videos and view the ads on the videos. Becoming a YouTuber has never been so easy with all the free tools that are available on the net today. Becoming a YouTuber is so much easier than you think.

How Hard Is It To Become A YouTuber?

First of all, you need the connections in order to build a following. Gone are the days when becoming a viral sensation was easy and simple for anybody to accomplish. In the past, a video just had to be funny and worth sharing and eventually it would pick up enough traction and visitors. The key today is to always connect with other YouTubers who you feel would be willing to collaborate with you. The key isn’t to try and collab, but instead to actually make friends. If you have a ton of friends who are YouTubers and they are willing to connect with you, it’s easier to gain more friends and more subscribers.

Becoming a YouTuber has never been so easy with the help of all the YouTubers that are out there. You can easily find some people to work with in a click of a button. Talk to some people within your city or state and find people who are kind and willing to collaborate with.

The best thing to do is to start posting videos and build some traction on your own, and when you have a couple of thousands of followers, it becomes much easier to grow your brand and start getting the attention of other YouTubers.

Wengie is the perfect example of a YouTuber worth following. Her approach to this industry has shown that her makeup ideas are always unique, but it is through her working with others where she gains that additional growth.

The New Face Of Charity: Autism Rocks

Throughout the mid century and even towards the 1980s, any child who seemed to struggle in school was deemed mentally challenged. It was a one size fits all label. Now, medical research has advanced so far that doctors are now able to diagnose those who have lived without a diagnosis for years. There is still a lot of work to be done in the study of autism but now we know more. Children who were seen as anti-social now have a chance to be diagnosed and treated. Autism affects 1 out of 68 children and has a spectrum just like other mental health diseases. There isn’t just one type of autism, there is a wide variety and anyone can fall anywhere on the spectrum.

Celebrity musicians have been actively giving benefit concerts for decades now and have helped a wide range of causes. The most notable concert is Live Aid which raises money for famine in Ethiopia. In 2011, Sanjay Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism. After a random chance encounter of having Snoop Dogg in his own home he achieved the most brilliant idea. Why not hold charity concerts to benefit autism research? Finally in 2014, Shah’s dream became reality.

Shah held a private invite only concert with the musical genius of Prince in London. The ball just kept rolling from there. Since that humble concert, Shah has held concerts with numerous notable artists from Drake to Michael Buble and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. All the money raised and donated from Shah’s private concerts are sent to the ART, Autism Research Trust, who sends the money over to the ARC, Autism Research Center, which is located at Cambridge University. The ARC works on research that can help us understand the effects and causes of autism.

Sanjay Shah worked as a banker for Morgan Stanley for nearly 20 years. He is semi-retired now and resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with his wife, Usha and three children, Esha, Aman, and Nikhil. He is the CEO of Autism Rocks and a trustee on the board of ART, Autism Research Trust.

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George Soros Speaks Openly About Donald Trump

Strong Opinions Expressed has originally reported the interview with George Soros. Mr. Soros is ready to express his opinion on many subjects. He is informed of politics and the overall global economy. Soros is the richest hedge fund billionaire. He is a man with experience. He is currently in semi-retirement. He has a solid reputation and his opinions are openly and honestly expressed. He has offered his views and thoughts about Donald Trump.

Trump May be Doing the Work of ISIS
The World Economic Forum was the 45-minute interview that created an absolute explosion. This interview was with Bloomberg. The headlines exploded with political and economic news. One headline in particular does have many people wondering. Is Donald Trump actually doing the work of ISIS? George Soros holds the opinion that Donald Trump is indeed working with ISIS. He backs up his views by citing the anti-immigrant vitriol. This has been a hallmark of the entire campaign of Donald Trump. He has risen in the primary Republican polls. The opinion of Mr. George Soros is that Mr. Donald Trump could certainly be working with Isis.

The Closings of U.S. Borders
The point had been brought up that ideas such as closing U.S. borders to Muslims might lead the Muslim community to believe that terrorism is the only alternative. It is also true that the days of ISIS is crumbling and their days are numbered. This is the result of the Syrian and Iraqi governments winning back territory. This would be the territory that the ISIS terrorist group had gained.

George Soros in the News
The and other news sources can provide much information on the life of George Soros. He is indeed a remarkable individual who has an extraordinary background. He will openly express his many views on various subjects. Mr. George Soros is a man who possess a wealth of knowledge. He is a billionaire and an author of several books. He is willing to offer his honest views on political figures, this does include his opinions on Mr. Donald Trump himself. Mr. Soros has expressed his personal critique on other candidates. He is willing to offer views about Hillary Clinton and even Ted Cruz. George Soros is an individual who is worth listening to.

Darius Fisher “The Digital Reputation Manager”

To handle a digital reliability reputation crises you call Darius Fisher of Status Labs, a reputation management firm in Austin, Texas. He is the co-founder and runs the company which has over 1500 clients in over thirty countries. In the four years since starting his firm he has grown to over thirty employees and has recently opened offices in New York and San Paulo. He helps companies by refining their search results and also helps them grow their sales with serviceable digital marketing and with a new PR approach. His objective is to offer options to politicians, executives and other notable persons.

Darius Fisher is known as the premier expert and go to guy for online reputation management and has often been referred to as “The Olivia Pope of the Internet” by The Daily Beast. As President and Co-founder he has received distinguished mention from the New York Times and Yahoo News in regards to his companies assistance to the people that were affected by the Ashley Madison hack. He has also been recognized as a 2015’s rising star by PRWeek on their Innovation50 list. Darius told Dujour in an interview that one of the most unexpected aspects of his job is that there is always two sides to every story and he tries to help his clients tell their story.

His company is known for their treatment of online crises and repairing digital reputations. He also tries to make his clients aware in advance of possible problems and also does after damage control. Since he has experienced some of the same crises that his clients have it has made him a much stronger person and who better than someone who has survived a crises of his own to help his clients. He has accumulated an amazing team of employees and the companies ongoing success and expansion would not happen without his team. Due to building alliances with firms and leaders he has been able to enlist their sales and accounting teams.

On a personal note he also worked as a political consultant and copywriter and graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Rules

In the pre women’s liberation era, women were often held hostage to the dictates of the fashion rulers from New York. These were the fashion editors and designers who made pronouncements on what was and was not acceptable for women to wear in their clothing styles and their makeup. Though today many of the fashion editors still spend a lot of time making pronouncements, the refreshing news is that many of today’s notable style makers have decided to go their own way, trusting their own instincts as far as what is acceptable, fashion-wise. One of these style makers is Lime Crime Makeup CEO Doe Deere.

Doe Deere created her online makeup company, Lime Crime, as a way to experiment with the bold colors she loves. The result is a story of innovation and success, which could only have come from an entrepreneur willing to take a lot of chances with her unique style ideas. Given all that, it’s no wonder Deere has her own ideas about what works for her, fashion wise.

As far as Deere is concerned, fashion rules are made to be broken, or at least worked with. Here’s her view of some of the major fashion dictates that have come down from the fashion authorities out there.

Colors Can’t Be Mixed Together. This is a rule that Deere definitely likes to defy, and she does it all very well. Deere feels it’s just fine to wear several colors together. The key is to find a coordination within the colors, like using different hues of blue and purple together, or strong shades of pink with a couple choices of green.

Don’t wear a bold eye and lip color together. The rule in cosmetics is generally that you can only play up one part of the face, but Deere is known for using a deep red lipstick shade along with a vibrant blue eye shadow, or vice versa! Her view is, if it looks good, embrace it. Be yourself and be beautiful.

Don’t combine a lot of patterns. This is another major style no-no that Deere loves to ignore. In her view, it’s fine to wear contrasting patterns together. Again, the key is to have one element that links them, like a shade of color that coordinates and brings the patterns together.

An Unnatural Hair Color can only be worn with neutral colors. While Deere readily admits that blue or green or pink hair color looks great with a black and white outfit, she also feels that bold colors can look great with colored hair, too. Why not match that pink hair with an outfit in purple with pink accents? The key is to pay attention to color so that it works well for you.

There’s no doubt that Deere will continue to go her own way, color and style wise, no matter what the powers that be dictate. And for that, fashionable women everywhere can be grateful.

Autism Rocks Seeks Contributions via Go Fund Me

What has repeatedly been described as a “lightbulb moment” for former DJ, passionate music lover, and Dubai based hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah, the idea for an Autism charity was born during an unexpected cup of tea with world renowned rapper, Snoop Dogg. The chance meeting, with the urging and support of Snoop Dogg himself in the idea, has led to the development of Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a charity that hosts private concerts worldwide in an effort to fund further investigation into the mysterious, life-long condition. The desire for more research was spurned after the diagnoses of Sanjay’s young son and the journey him and his family have taken in he years that have followed.

Sanjay seeks the same answers to the questions all parents touched by the disorder seek. What’s the cause? How does the disorder develop? Also like many parents, Shah only seeks a better understanding of the condition. Autism is dramatically and irrecoverably connected to the personality of the person affected and, like any parent, Shah wouldn’t change anything about his beloved son. He only seeks to understand how his unique brain works to make life as best as it can be for him. The success of Autism Rocks has led to 15 individual research studies at the Autism Research Center in Cambridge. However, in order to continue this priceless and groundbreaking research, Autism Rocks needs more help.

A “Go Fund Me” page has been created to help the charity reach new heights and achieve it’s goals. The page is located at The campaign seeks to make more headway after it’s first month in existence by linking to social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. The campaign needs visibility, “shareability”, and donations in the struggle for a better understanding of this complicated condition. As a father only after a way to understand, help, and nurture his son, Sanjay takes the success of this charity personally. With one in sixty eight children worldwide now diagnosed with the disorder, this research is necessary and important for billions of families worldwide.

Fans Gather For Autism Rocks: Sanjay Shah’s Dream Comes To Life

It was an inspiring meeting in Dubai between world famous rapper Snoop Dog and hedge-fund manager Sanjay Shah that would change the world’s support of autism for the better. Shah was sitting with the rapper when it hit him; he could hold concerts around the world with the help of famous artists for the sole purpose of raising money for autism research.

Sanjay’s love for his then 4-year-old son was the driving force behind this desire to see more resources go towards the research. Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011.

It was a lofty goal, but that didn’t stop Sanjay. Since its conception the organization has held events with Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Joss Stone and Elvis Costello. Millions of dollars have been raised in the process and not only is research getting the funding it needs, the awareness about the condition is reaching more people.

The money that Autism Rocks earns supports research done by the Autism Research Centre located at Cambridge University. There are currently 15 research projects being developed by Autism Research Centre. These ongoing long-term projects are aimed at identifying autism as early as possible as well as better determining who will develop the condition, then once diagnosed,offer interventions that will help guide and aid the diagnosed and their families throughout the rest of their lives.

Sanjay’s entrepreneurial background that lead up to him envisioning and then founding Autism Rocks first made him a genius in his industry. He is the founder of Vistex, a company that helps its clients manage the marketing programs through analytics, strategy, implementation, software and execution. Shah is the company’s Chief Executive Office as well as its Chief Architect.

The passion he has for business and life shines through the energy he puts towards solving industry hang-ups. His dedication to innovation lead him to create an entirely new category within business software. He tackles issues like only he can. It’s no wonder that Autism Rocks has been such an international success. With Sanjay leading the pack those who know him know that he will succeed no matter what. Now, thanks to him autism is in the spotlight.

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