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Bontrager Charger Pump Review

Source : Rob @ Theaccidentalcyclist


I decided in anticipation of the new bike, I needed a decent pump to use at home. I have previously been using an old car foot pump which cost about a fiver from Wilkinsons and always lost about as much air as I put in. Needless to say, I had had enough!

So, after a quick Google I came across a few contenders, but due to a promotion at Evans Cycles (10% off accessories) I was keen to buy from them. I eventually settled on the Bontrager Charger Pump and after the discount, it cost me about £16.50 delivered – an absolute bargain in my eyes.  I can only recommend the service from Evans, delivered very quickly and with no fuss.

  • Bontrager Charger Pump
  • Bontrager Charger Pump Handle
  • Gauge
  • Valve Lock
  • Side-View
  • Attachments
  • Side-View #2
The pump itself seems very well put together and is sturdy in use. The valve connection fit’s both Presta and Schradar valves and you don’t need to fiddle with any attachments. The hose is of a good length and the gauge is clear and easy to read. The base has a ribbed section for your feet to go and there is a clip for the hose when not in use to keep it out of harms way. It also comes with attachments to fit balls and inflatables.

I haven’t got my new bike yet, but I did test it on my Carrera. The connector attaches on the valve by sitting it over the valve and pulling the lever up. I quickly inflated the tyres to 110 PSI with only a few strokes. The connector makes a really secure fitting to the valve and their was virtually no leakage (30 seconds registered a drop from 110PSI to 105PSI!). Very impressive. My only slight criticism is that I bent the valve when removing the connector after inflation. I think was more my heavy handed approach rather than a flaw with the product. Worth mentioning though.

Overall, I’m really happy. The pump does everything I could want and was a really good price too. I haven’t exactly put it through it paces over time but the build quality seems very professional so I think it will last well.


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