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Worlds largest velodrome?


Ok, so this isn’t exactly a velodrome, but it sure as hell would be fun to ride around it. I bet you are wondering what on earth it is. It is a hydroelectric power plant in Slovenia. It is usually full with water generating energy, but when it is empty it enables some Slovenian fixed wheel cyclists to go mental inside it. ... Read More »

Stoker needed for LEJOG record attempt


A tandem cyclist is looking for a partner to help him complete LEJOG in world record time. Dominic Irvine from Hampshire attempted the 842-mile trip last year, but he and his partner Ian Rodd missed out on the top time of two days, two hours, 14 minutes and 25 seconds – due to bad weather. The 45 year old told ... Read More »

Stick to the bike riding, Sagan


I didn’t really have an opinion on Sagan until today, recreating this scene from Forrest Gump, my favourite film, puts him up there. His acting does love a lot to desire though. Read More »

The Lance Armstrong Drinking Game

Lance Armstrong Drinking Game

The interview is nearly here. We have all been waiting for it, and although it hasn’t been aired yet, we know pretty much exactly what is going to be said. Whilst Lance is ruining the reputation of cycling even more than he has done at 2am GMT, I propose that we join in with the theme, and ruin our livers. ... Read More »

2012 Tribute


2012 has been an amazing year for cycling in many ways, but every year we have to say goodbye to some of the people that have made cycling what it is now. From inventors to athletes, we pay tribute to their contribution to our great sport and thank them for dedicating their lives to cycling. Read More »

Top Cycling Stories of 2012


Over the past 12 months a lot has happened in cycling. There is no doubt it will go down in history as one of the most memorable. Cycling has experienced is high points, such as Bradley Wiggins becoming the first Englishman to win the Tour de France, but also been scared for life by the Lance Armstrong shambles. We take a look at ... Read More »

Buying second hand bikes and bits.

used bikes

As students, money is quite limited. The money which we can spend on cycling is even more limited. This means that every single penny counts. One of the best ways to save money is to buy second hand. I haven’t brought that much stuff second hand, but on the things I have brought they’ve all been pretty much unused and ... Read More »

Magic spanner + sticky bottles


If you have watched any pro cycling race, you have most probably witnessed these two tactics being used. They are a common occurrence during racing with pretty much every team using these to their advantage. Sticky Bottles The sticky bottle is when a team member inside the car hands over a bottle to the cyclist. This rider holds onto the ... Read More »

That lovely morning feeling


I think everyone knows the stereotype that teenagers don’t like to wake up in the morning. Me, for example. Over the summer holidays, I only saw before 10am on a few occasions. Over the past two weeks or so, I have made an effort to wake up early, because riding in the countryside in the early morning is pure bliss. ... Read More »

See you later


Hey guys. As you can tell, the blog section of our site has been inactive over the past couple of weeks with only a few updates. This is due to me not having enough time at the moment to write articles. I have recently sold my road bike, and I am now going backpacking around europe for around 6 weeks. ... Read More »

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