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Here are all the products/services we have reviewed. If you would like us to review any products, just contact us and we will try to get our hands on it.

Altura Thermastretch Gloves


I brought these a few months ago from Evans for £12.99 down from £19.99. They are £7.99 now. I must say that they feel really comfortable. The material is quite think, so you get no sores from holding the handlebars. They are very warm and block out all wind like they are meant to. They keep your hands warm when ... Read More »

Pro-lite Bracciano review

Picture 2

The Bracciano’s are amazing value for money. You can grab them for just under £300 from many retailers on-line. But don’t be fooled by the low price, this wheel-set  is lightweight yet still manages to boast an amazing built quality. Price : £349.99 RRP     Weight : 1480 Grams     Distance Tested : 500 miles     Colours : Black/Silver There is ... Read More »

Bontrager Charger Pump Review


Source : Rob @ Theaccidentalcyclist   I decided in anticipation of the new bike, I needed a decent pump to use at home. I have previously been using an old car foot pump which cost about a fiver from Wilkinsons and always lost about as much air as I put in. Needless to say, I had had enough! So, after ... Read More »

Invention of the year?


Source : C.C. Weiss @ Gizmag   Anyone from high-flying freeriders to bike-touring workhorses can benefit from cutting weight out of their packs and bike bags, but they can’t afford to cut out essential provisions like the tools needed for in-the-field bike repair. The inCOG bike tool cuts weight from cyclists’ packs by integrating tools into the bike itself. The Incog is ... Read More »

Oxyburn Base Layer.

Picture 1 copy

Oxyburn Base Layer Review Colours : Black                    Options : Short Sleve, Long Sleeve, Sleeveless                    Price : From £24.90 Oxyburn are a company which produce cycling, running and winter sport clothing. Recently we got hold of one of their short sleeve base layers ... Read More »

Sunwise Twister glasses


If you’re looking for a reasonable priced pair of sunglasses which do not lack sexy looks whilst being good quality, look no further. The twister series of glasses from Sunwise can be found for just under £20 if you shop around. At this price we thought that there would be some shortfalls, but we have had a pair for around a ... Read More »

Great customer service.

Picture 2

Somehow I managed to lose part of my mini pump over the weekend. It was a a cap around the part which attached to the valve. This rendered my pump absolutely useless. So on Sunday evening, I e-mailed the Topeak UK distributer (EXTRA UK) to see where I could buy a replacement part, since I really didn’t want to buy ... Read More »

2012 ProTour Team Kits


Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days. We’ve both been busy, so VeloStage had to be put on the back-burner for a bit. Following on from the team bikes post, we’re posting all this years team kits. So since Ant has an amazing fashion sense (he wears chinos!), he’ll be commenting on the jerseys! Comment below stating which one ... Read More »

Elite Volare Mag Force trainer review


As I was fed up of the cold and there was more snow promised for the weekend, I decided to take the plunge and buy a turbo trainer. Up until now, I had always done all my training outdoors, intervals, base and climbing.   I needed something that was going to replicate riding outdoors, so variable resistance was a must. ... Read More »

Specialized BG sport road shoe review

Specialized BG sport road shoe

I figured that as it was the new year, I would get myself some new shoes as my old ones were becoming really uncomfortable and were actually really becoming flexible. So a trip to Evans was in order. I had already looked these shoes up online and decided on them, but I stick by my mindset to never buy shoes ... Read More »

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