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Heras gets Vuelta victory back on procedural errors

The Spanish Supreme Court has given Roberto Heras victory in the Vuelta a España 2005 back.


Yesterday the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that Roberto Heras will still be the winner of the Vuelta a España 2005, even though he tested positive for EPO at the race penultimate stage.


The Spanish Cycling Federation sentenced him to a two-year suspension and disqualified him from the race after both his A and B sample was positive for EPO. The Spaniard has held that there had been procedural errors, because the same people analyzed both tests, and they knew that it was his.


In June the regional court in Castilla y Leon Heras upheld it, but because of the fundamental nature was appealed to the Spanish Supreme Court. Yesterday they reached looked forward to the same decision as in Castilla y Leon, and thus get Heras victory back. This happens even without that there is proof that Heras did not use doping to achieve his victory.


The victory was initially assigned to Denis Menchov, but he is now moving back in second place, Carlos Sastre will again be number three and Samuel Sanchez four.


This now gives Heras four overall victories in the Vuelta a España: 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005. It gives him  record for most victories in the Spanish race alone. Earlier he shared it with Tony Rominger, who won in 1992, 1993 and 1994.


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