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New products @ Brooks.

The new Brooks products includes a new jersey, new colour choices for their existing bags and a concept design on a new multitool which includes a spanner for adjusting tension in the leather of the Brooks cycles.

The jerseys were originally made by De Marchi, who made a limited number of the jersey for Brooks staff, dealers and journalists who rode a event which Brooks are long-term sponsors of.

The jerseys are made in Italy, and are made of wool and acrylic. The 1866 on the back of the jersey refers to the year in which Brooks was founded. As well as the year, it also features the place Birmingham, which if you didn’t guess, was where Brooks was founded. They are priced at £146.21 (€180), so they don’t come cheap.

Brooks’ Challenge Tool Bag is now available in four new colours: blue, red, green, and orange/yellow. These are in addition to the existing more subdued options: brown, honey, aged (a worn brown), and a darker green.

The Challenge was originally designed and patented back in ’96 – that’s 1896 – and it’s designed to buckle on to saddles that feature bag loops. It measures 175 x 45 x 78mm and is priced at £56.86 (€70).

Brooks are working on a new 21-function multitool that’ll be released at next year’s Eurobike (August). Interestingly, the design takes into consideration the views of 700 Brooks users who responded to a tool questionnaire., and it incorporates a Brooks saddle spanner, allowing you to adjust the tension on the leather. We’ve no word on price yet.


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