Tuesday , 16 September 2014
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WTF is that… #3

Cruzbike Recumbent Bike

This beauty surfaced on eBay a few months ago. The owner, from London, put up a starting price of £366.00. This price obviously put off buyers which led to the listing not receiving a single bid by the end of the 7 day auction.

The bike looks like it is a bog standard £79.99 supermarket special. Not much to write about here. Now lets move onto the more interesting parts of the bike. The owner has put a £250 Cruzbike conversion kit onto his beloved machine. This kit allows you to turn any normal bike into a recumbent bike without having to spend £1000′s on a proper recumbent.

Converting the bike, from what I can understand, was done by the owner. I’m not normally one to judge someone elses handy work, but I wouldn’t trust riding a bike which has been put together by someone who doesn’t even notice their forks are on back to front. Secondly, that rear rack looks dangerously close to the rear wheel. Supermarket bikes aren’t known for their rigid suspension, and my guess is as soon as this bike goes over a bump, that wheel is going to be touching the rack.

All the negative points are deeply out-weighed by the following. This bike comes equipped with a frickin’ squeezy horn!


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