Thursday , 18 September 2014
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WTF is that… #5


The Softride bikes are pretty common in terms of ‘WTF bikes’. They were used quite regularly in Triathlons and even Time trials until the relevant bodies governing those sports decided to ban them for whatever reason they could think of.

The concept behind the design was so that the users pedaling motion was more fluid. The boom allowed the rider to ‘bop’ up and down a couple of mm’s giving them a little bit more extra power. The tubes were also said to be theoretically more aerodynamic, but these tests were conducted in a lab environment, with no rider on the bike.

Sadly the company that owns the Softride designs and patents which go along with the brand has decided it is time to sell up. Production has ceased and they are still currently looking for a buyer.

The handlebar tape and coloured cables doesn’t help the bikes looks that much either.


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